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Invest in people, Huawei charges technology firms

Global information and communications technology solutions provider, Huawei West Africa, has called on technology firm in the country, especially those of foreign origin, to invest in Nigerians through technology transfer.

The firm, in its first quarter statement, maintained that such investments will not only develop the local economy, but will also help the global ICT ecosystem, while also moving the world forward.

 As part of its technology transfer commitment in providing more training opportunities to Nigeria in 2014, the Vice President of the firm, Mr. Hover Gao, was quoted in the statement as saying that the company had already committed about  N315m  in ICT trainings in Nigeria  in a partnership with the  Federal  Ministry of Communication Technology.

The firm had established an ICT training centre in Abuja back in 2004, which it said had provided more than 5,000 opportunities to ICT practitioners.

In November 2013, Huawei had  announced a partnership with the Federal  Ministry of Communications Technology to provide 1,000 Nigerian girls with basic ICT training, which was part of the global campaign “Tech Needs Girls” developed by the International Telecommunication Union.

 Gao said that the global sensitisation campaign had raged for over 20 years and had produced tangible results in many countries including Nigeria.

He said, the cyber security coordinator of ITU, Marco Obiso, on November, 2013 had visited Huawei Nigeria to evaluate this programme and to share the experience with ITU members globally.

“The investment on this  programme  form Huawei is worth N215m and  an additional  N100m  from the FMCT.”

The training programme unveiled in November 2013 between the Federal Ministry of Communications Technology and   Huawei, according to Gao, has already provided 424 training opportunities for the Nigerian girls already.

 By the end of this program, he said hat 200 top participants out of the 1,000 girls will get further training for the attainment of a certification as Huawei Certified Datacom Associate.

Top achievers with Huawei HCDA certification , according to him, will have the priority-access to Huawei human resources pool to be employed by Huawei.

He said, “All the participants will be recommended by Huawei to Huawei Channel partners such as operators, ICT solutions providers and ICT departments in enterprises. An award ceremony will be organised this April as ITU has designated the fourth Thursday in April every year as a day set to celebrate and encourage girls to take up careers in ICT.”

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