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‘I Was Paid N20, 000 As Deposit To Kidnap Boys For A Client’



A vigilante group in Kano has arrested a suspected child-trafficker as he attempted to escape with a teenage boy, who he had kindapped.

The 11-year-old boy, who gave his name as Abubakar Dahiru, was allegedly abducted on Wednesday night while roaming the street in Fagge Quarters of Kano Metropolis.

State Commandant of the vigilante group, Muhammad Kabir Alhaji, explained that the suspect was arrested during a routine patrol.

“Members of our team were on routine patrol in Fagge quarters at about 11.30pm, when the suspect who is about 28 years old approached them with an 11-old-year old boy. When he was asked where they are going, he said he was a stranger looking for a hotel and the boy was guiding him to a hotel at Kofar Mazugal”, Alhaji said.

“Not satisfied with the explanation, our men asked the boy whether the information given by the man was correct. The boy answered in the negative, saying he does not know the man, that it was the first time they met and that he doesn’t know where they are going.

“When he was interrogated again, he confessed to have kidnapped the boy and was about to take him to Zaria where he will sell him to his client at N20, 000”, Alhaji said.

The suspect, Hassan Kabiru, confessed to kidnapping the boy after he received a deposit of N20, 000 from a client in Zaria, Kaduna State.

“I was given N20, 000 as a deposit by a client in Zaria to bring him a teenage boy.  After I arrived Kano, I met the boy stranded near a mosque. I asked him to follow me with the intent that in the morning we will proceed to Zaria”.

Asked if he was mentally stable, the suspect responded in the affirmative and added that the little Abubakar Dahiru was his third victim.


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