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I almost ran mad the first time I was given N100,000 –Timi Dakolo

Timi Dakolo

Timi Dakolo is sure living large. Not only is he cruising in his state of the art cars, the young man is winning and dinning with the rich and getting invited to elite events that would certainly turn his colleagues green with envy.

He was recently part of the selected few artistes that performed at the Centenary Award Dinner alongside Waje.

But even as things are going well for him at the moment, the young man is not likely to forget in a hurry his experience with poverty when he started his career.

He could remember how he almost went bonkers the first time he got N100, 000.  He said that he could hardly sleep that night.

“I couldn’t wait till the morning to rush to the bank and deposit it before it disappeared. I thought something would happen to me or even the money. Growing up was not easy; it was an experience and a preparatory phase of my life. It taught me to work hard. I believe more in hard work than in talent.”

Dakolo said, “I grew up with my grandmother; you can imagine what it is like growing with an old woman who was a petty trader. Things were hard and she used to sell provisions, pure water, plantain. After school, I used to sell things with her. I grew up in a house where education was important. We believed education was our escape route from the way we were living. When my mates were playing, I would watch them from the window but I could not join them because I either had to study or work with my grandmother.

“I have sold pure water, pushed wheelbarrow in a popular market in Port-Harcourt. I have done many things. But deep within me, I knew something great would happen to me.”

Known to be a regular feature at events organised by the government, he said that it was because of the songs he sings. The singer said that the songs he sings most times determine the kind of gigs he is invited to perform at.

When he was asked to clarify issues concerning the house that was rumoured he bought for his wife, the Idol winner said there was no air to clear.

“Whether I bought it or I rented it, as far as I am living in the house, it does not increase the money in my account. It doesn’t change anything.”

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I almost ran mad the first time I was given N100,000 –Timi Dakolo

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