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Hospitals prevent relations from seeing victims

Relatives and friends of victims of Monday’s bomb blast at Nyanya,a suburb in Abuja, have been denied access to their loved ones.

Our correspondent, who visited the National Hospital, Abuja, observed that the doors to the emergency unit were shut to relatives who had besieged the hospital to know the conditions of their loved ones.

The development was confirmed by the  Board Chairman, National Hospital, Dr. Tony Okam, during a chat with journalists.

Okam said the hospital decided to prevent access to victims owing to the fact that most of them are being stabilised.

He said, “You see, we have to stabilise the patients first and that is the most important thing.

“It’s like a case of accident and emergency, there are people that need surgery, there are people that need Magnetic Resonance Imaging done, x-ray, Computed Tomography scan.

“And we have to do all those and articulate them, stabilize the patient and then now say okay you can talk.

“The primary thing is to sort out those ones that need medical help and attend to them.”

He said the hospital had hired trauma nurses and doctors to stabilize relatives of victims of the blast, noting that the hospital has the capacity to handle the crisis.

He said, “We have a team in place for handling this kind of emergency and part of our capacity building is to plan for things like this.

“We have a building called the national trauma centre which will soon be commissioned by the president.

“We ve just hired trauma nurses and doctors and they have been trained and all these training and other things we have been doing have come into place towards making sure that everything works seamlessly.

“The national hospital is the pride of the nation because we have the equipment and most of the equipment here are properly maintained.”

Speaking on the levels of injuries being handled at the hospital, the Chief Medical Director, Prof. Bello Shehu, said most of the patients had injuries related to shrapnels and burns.

“We have quite a number of injuries in this situation. We have injuries related to shrapnel and burns

“We are stabilising the patients and we do not want people to be spreading false and bad news and that is why we are not yet allowing people to come in. We are trying to do this job neatly and professionally,” he added.

The Director General, National Emergency Management Agency, Mr Sani Sidi said about 124 were injured from he blast.

Sidi who visited he hospital alongside the Commandant General of the Nigerian Security Civil Defence Corps, Dr Ade Abolurin and the Minister of Interior, Abba Moro excess satisfaction with the way the victims are being treated.

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