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Guess What Famous Fuji Musician Arrested For Alleged r*pe

Lagos police have arrested a famous Fuji musician, Abass Akande, popularly known as Obesere, for allegedly defiling a 29-year-old woman.


According to the victim, Olanike Olaiya, Obesere defiled her in his Okota residence, Lagos. Meanwhile responding to the allegations, the musician insisted the two had s*x because they were lovers.

Olaiya, the businesswoman, claimed that the celebrity, introduced to her by one of their common friends, had previously promised her assistance in her business.

However, according to the victim, when she came to his place, the business discussion was followed by Obesere demanding s*x.

According to the woman, she wanted to leave, but he insisted she should sleep over in his house because it was late and he claimed that it was dangerous to go out late in the night in his area.

In the middle of the night he reportedly came into the room, where she stayed, and defiled Olaiya.

Medical examination showed that the woman had been defiled, Vanguar says.

Obesere on his part claimed the alleged victim was his lover and, moreover, that he asked her to go to a private hospital for treatment when she complained of bleeding.


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Guess What Famous Fuji Musician Arrested For Alleged r*pe

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