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Give priority to teachers’ training, union urges govts

Mr Muhammad Uwaisu, the President of Senior Staff Union, Colleges of Education in Nigeria, has appealed to all tiers of government to give serious attention to teachers’ education in the country.

Uwaisu made the appeal in Abuja on Friday in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria.

He was commenting on the lingering strike by the Colleges of Education Academy Staff Union.

According to him, colleges of education have never embarked on any industrial action such as the ongoing strike.

Uwaisu, who noted the importance of the colleges, said that they were established to facilitate the national policy on the training of teachers.

He added that the institutions were meant to equip prospective teachers with the knowledge, attitudes and skills they required to perform their task effectively in the classroom and the wider community.

The union president said that teachers’ education was aimed at helping prospective teachers with the necessary skills to excel in their careers.

He said since teachers were trained to impart knowledge to students, it meant that teachers were very crucial to nation-building processes.

“Moulding a teacher is more of moulding a society, so every child that passes through colleges of education is expected to impact what he or she learnt to thousands of Nigerian citizens.

“So where you find out that the system that is expected to mould the society is weak, then the system is wrong.’’

While condemning the closure of the colleges, Uwaisu described the development as uncalled for, saying that it was capable of affecting the nation’s educational advancement.

The president said the closure of the colleges was likely to impact negatively on the students and the society.

“Allowing this number of students out of school will expose the society to so many hazards; I believe the long effect is negative.”

Uwaisu, however, praised President Goodluck Jonathan for constituting the Need Assessment Committee for the Colleges of Education to address their needs.

He urged other stakeholders in the education sector to contribute their quota to the development of education in the country.

“Let me at this point appreciate the Federal Government for inaugurating a committee called presidential committee on the assessment in colleges of education.

“The need assessment is aimed at going round all the public colleges of education in Nigeria with the aim of finding out what are their needs,” Uwaisu said.

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