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FRSC to start enforcement on new number-plate in June

The Federal Road Safety Corps say enforcement of new vehicle number-plates will commence throughout the country on June 30, this year.
Assistant Corps Marshal, Administration and Strategic Section, Operations Department, National Headquarters, Mr. Ademola Lawal, said that when the enforcement begins, nobody would be spared.

He said this in an interview with our correspondent as part of the sensitization of the people of the South-South to the process of procuring the new number-plates and new driving licence.
Lawal said the process of procuring a new number-plate and driving licence was not tedious, advising Nigerians against patronizing touts.

He warned that patronizing touts was dangerous, saying the development had the far-reaching implication of leaving you with fake documents as well as providing an opportunity for the touts to fleece you of your hard-earned income.
He said, “The commencement for enforcement of new number-plates will begin on June 30, 2014. Once this starts, nobody, irrespective of his status, will be spared. I urge Nigerians to make use of the available windows to procure theirs.

“Let me also sound it clearly that the process of procuring a new number plate and driving licence does not waste time as being speculated in some quarters. It is only those who go through touts that are complaining that the process wastes time.

“The form you are toing to fill is not more than a page. The process is not cumbersome. You can commence registration in your home and go to our website meant for vehicle registration, fill it, print it out and go along with you for payment at the board of internal revenue in your state. It is as simple as that.”

Lawal said for the offenders during the commencement of enforcement, they would be made to pay a fine of N10,000 as well as have their vehicles impounded .
He said, “If you do not have the new number-plate when enforcement begins, offender would be made to pay a fine of N10,000. Also, his vehicle will be impounded pending when he is able to procure the number-plate.

“As for the driving licence, those who did not have licence before are expected to go to an approved driving school certified in their states. After graduating from such a school, you will take your certificate to the Vehicle Inspection Office where you will be tested on eligibility.”

On the overview of cost implication for the procurement of driver’s licence and number-plates, Lawal said the price as determined by Joint Task Board chaired by the Chairman of Federal Inland Revenue Service remains N6,350 for driver’s licence.

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