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Four Mauritanian police officers imprisoned for rape

A Nouakchott court on Tuesday sentenced four Mauritanian traffic police officers to two to seven years for raping a Senegalese national in 2013.

Three of the four were sentenced to seven years in prison, the fourth to two years, while a fifth officer was acquitted.

The five traffic officers were detained by the prosecutor in Nouakchott and sacked from the force in November 2013.

They abducted a Senegalese national working in a restaurant in Nouakchott and three of them raped her.

The victim successfully identified the criminals who were arrested by the police and placed in detention.

The rape of the young Senegalese woman raised anxiety in the capital, with some NGOs organizing demonstrations to condemn violence committed against women and demanding that justice be done.

A Mauritanian woman leader Aminettou Mint El Moctar welcomed the court’s verdict, saying justice should be done in all cases of violence against women in Mauritania.

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