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FG to formulate policies for ethical development

A Professor of Public Policy, Dr Constantinos Costantinos, said on Tuesday that government was making plans to formulate policies for ethical development in the country’s civil service.

Costantinos, a guest speaker at the 60th anniversary celebration of the Nigeria Public Service Commission, in Abuja noted that it would enhance competence and professionalism in the civil service.

He was represented by Prof. Richard Levin, Secretary, African Association of Public Service Commission.

“The policies and strategies that directs a meritorious civil service development in Nigeria, emanates mainly from the various legislative and development strategies,” he said.

He noted that to meet this target, a proactive managerial as well as entrepreneurial team with capacity and will power was required in certain quarters.

Costantinos pointed out that the major challenge of ethical development was creating and putting to productive use quality individuals that can positively affect the economy.

“It is about having the ability to pinpoint talents and execute human centred development programmes; to be able to participate meaningfully in the global economy.

“To meet this challenge is synonymous to meeting the development challenge at large,” he said.

He said in the development of any country, politically neutral public service was the most critical in terms of both formulation and implementation of public policies.

Constantinos said that a careful study was required to build a core public service, which would focus on political, social and economic governance.

In her speech, Mrs Joan Ayo, the Chairman, Federal Civil Service Commission said that the celebration was necessary to acknowledge the efforts of “our founding fathers”.

“We want to showcase our founding fathers who work assiduously to build the public service,” she said.

She said that civil service was well positioned to develop an appreciation of how effective other arms of the public service were responding to challenges.

She said that the core value of the civil service include; meritocracy, loyalty, courage, accountability, efficiency, transparency integrity, discipline, professionalism and impartiality.

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