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Fayemi asks voters to snub election riggers

Ekiti State Governor Kayode Fayemi

Ekiti State Governor, Dr. Kayode Fayemi, has urged the people of the state to disallow election riggers from stealing their  votes in the June 21 governorship election in the state.

He said this at the commencement of his campaign in Ado Ekiti on Thursday.

Some governors of the All Progressives Congress, who also attended the campaign held at the Kayode Oluyemi Stadium, advised the people of the state to reject criminals from taking over the control of the state.

Some of the dignitaries who attended the rally  are,  Governors Rochas Okorocha (Imo); Alhaji Aliyu Wammako (Sokoto); Senator Ibikunle Amosun (Ogun); Senator Abiola Ajimobi (Oyo); Alhaji Murtala Nyako (Adamawa); and Mr. Peter Kishira (Kwara deputy governor), who represented  his boss, Abdufatah Ahmed.

Two former governors, Alhaji Ali Modu Sheriff (Borno) and Chief Niyi Adebayo (Ekiti), Senators Ajayi Boroffice and Babafemi Ojudu and others also attended the rally.

Amosun said that the people of the state should remember the travails which Fayemi passed through before he retrieved his mandate in 2010. He urged them not to allow their votes to be stolen again.

Fayemi, who is the sole governorship aspirant of the APC in Ekiti State, said that his administration had succeeded in laying a solid foundation for the development of the state.

He urged the electorate to shun those who would come and deceive them with sweet talks.

He said, “You must be vigilant. We must kick out criminals who want to take over power by all means. All those who want to come and cause violence in Ekiti, we must get rid of them.

“There are people who can tell you what they will do. But I will tell you what I will do.

“So, when the familiar enemies of our noble aspirations come to you, ask them what they have to offer. Let us be guided by history and the realisation that it is for good reason that the devil wasn’t given a second chance.

“Let us be reminded also, that when the people have the power, those with selfish interests would kick against the collective. But together we are stronger than our detractors. We have shown by our fruits that we are guided by our God Almighty and our love for our people. I say again, ask them what they have to offer.”

The governor said that his opponents could not say that his administration had not performed and because of this they had resorted to telling lies to lure the people to get their votes.

He said that some of those jostling to govern the state now had been there before, adding that the only thing they did was to squander the state’s resources for which they were now standing trial.

He said, “Today, we stand on the threshold of history as we, hand in hand with the people of Ekiti State, embark on another leg of the journey to make this state a model of good governance and lasting development.

“This second leg of this journey is crucial in that it will determine whether all the gains we have collectively achieved in the last three and a half years that my administration has come on board will be consolidated upon on our march to sustainable peace and prosperity, or they will be undone and lost, on our way back to the inglorious days of stagnation, instability and brigandage, ushered by the familiar enemies who now seek to deceive us.”

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