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Eight die in Plateau youths, cattle thieves clash

Eight persons were feared killed in Wase Local Government area of Plateau State when a group of cattle rustlers attempted to steal cattle two kilometers from Wase town.

Our correspondent   gathered that seven of those killed were the cattle thieves while a youth from Wase town was allegedly  shot by security operatives when he was seen carrying fire  arms.

He was said to have been shot when he allegedly resisted arrest.

It was gathered that cattle rustlers  from Kadarko in the same local government had attacked some herdsmen on Saturday evening.

The herders were said to have sought refuge in Wase town which led to a shootout between the rustlers and the youths from Wase town

A resident of Wase, Ibrahim Audu,  told newsmen  that the youths had engaged the rustlers in a shootout, which claimed the lives of seven cow thieves.

He said, “I think those who escaped went back to tell other members because around 7am today (on Sunday) they came back with reinforcement and there was sporadic shootings.

“We saw them approaching Wase town and so we armed ourselves and went to repel them.”

The secretary of Wase Youths, Adamu Shuaibu, said a youth from Wase town was shot dead by a member of the Special Task Force.

He said, “The STF saw two of our youths armed after we had repelled the rustlers   so they tried to arrest them and because one of them resisted arrest, he was shot dead. The other one was arrested and taken to Jos.

“The incident almost led to a break down of law and order between our youths and the security operatives because the youths were angry that the security men were unable to protect the community yet they are now arresting those who protect us.”

The Police Public Relations Officer, Felicia Anselem, said there were shootings in Wase on Sunday but could not ascertain the casualty figure.

Anselem said security agents had cordoned off the area to prevent further attacks.

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