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Crane Mechanic at APM Terminals

At APM Terminals, the results you deliver matter. We will give you lots of responsibility right from the start and plenty of opportunities to achieve your full potential. For all of our employees, we offer fair, competitive compensation and rewards which include continuous development opportunities. Since our talented employees are the foundation of our company culture and our success, we reward performance in a way that promotes continued achievement.

We Offer

Value and team-based leadership.
•An open and engaging working environment.
•A wide range of international career opportunities.
•Opportunities for personal and professional growth in a dynamic environment.
•Competitive compensation packages

Key Responsibilities

•To carry out all maintenance repairs and modifications on Mobile Harbor Cranes, Rubber Gantry Cranes, Spreaders and other plant and equipment in accordance with the requirements of the Code of Practice and the Occupational Health and Safety Act. Ensuring high standards are maintained.
•To evaluate and analyse the nature, cause and perform the repairs of breakdowns. Determining the optimal way of dealing with the problem, to achieve a quality and cost effective solution, as well as minimal downtime and maximum Operational availability of Container handling equipment.
•Use sound knowledge of rigging procedures to recover equipment from yard due to accidents as efficiently as possible, ensuring minimal delays to operations.
•Have sufficient knowledge of Occupational Health & Safety Act. Enforce safe working procedures, for the purpose of safety of employees and people around you.
•To carry out repairs to defects as per Examiners defect list. To ensure safe working and minimize breakdowns to machinery and equipment.

•Fill out Confirmation Slips to ensure proper records are kept for future reference.
•To execute all repairs timorously and effectively ensuring equipment failure is minimized and availability of equipment is optimised in the most cost effective manner.
•Working standby and shifts to ensure 24-hour availability of Container handling equipment.
•Identify work requirements and raise work requests providing complete and thorough information;
•Advise Crane Supervisor and/or Crane Foreman on concerns relating to unreliable equipment;
•Perform other related functions required from time to time such as assistance with major emergency work;
•Ensure adherence to established safety practices in the execution of assignments and in the use of tools, equipment and machinery;
•Assist in maintenance of a safe working environment;
•Provide technical expertise and a positive attitude to the functions performed;
•As required, identify spare parts and tools required for breakdown work;
•Provide Work Order planning information as required to Maintenance Planner , Crane Supervisor and/ or Foreman;
•Perform maintenance activities on a daily/weekly/monthly basis;
•Troubleshoot and effect repairs on mechanical components and hydraulic circuits, control systems, tires and some electrical component elements. This includes the modification of components and servicing techniques in conjunction with the Crane Supervisor and/or Crane Foreman to improve efficiency;
•Test equipment to ensure compliance with specification and safety standards;
•Service, repair, deploy, remove and stow away equipment as required using safe driving techniques and safe parking procedures;
•Execute maintenance schedule as directed by Crane Supervisor and/or Crane Foreman;
•Provide feedback to Crane supervisor and/or Crane Foremen on job progress;
•Identify components to be overhauled;
•Complete post-job tasks – clean up, return of spares etc;
•Provide correct information on Work Orders and other job documentation, ensuring an accurate record of work performed, time taken to complete work, spare parts and materials used etc;
• Execute proper handover of equipment to Operations and provide on the job guidance to new recruits;
• Participate in analysis of maintenance standards, practices etc;
• Clean tools and equipment in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions/manual;
• If needed, perform minor repairs on tools and equipment in accordance with manufacturer’s instruction/manual;
• Report defective tools and equipment to immediate foremen / supervisor;
• Comply with all disaster contingency plans and contingency cleanliness;
•Maintain a clean and safe work environment and ensures waste disposal is performed as per company procedures.
•Performs any other related activities, as requested

Who we are looking for


  • Trade Test/Certificate /Diploma as Mechanic.
  • Code of practice
  • Mobile Harbor Cranes, Rubber Gantry Cranes and Spreaders

•3-5 years experience as Mechanical in any ports, mines, steel and manufacturing plants plus shift working experience
•Possess valid driver’s license.


  • Self motivated
  • Analytical and systematic
  • Requires the ability to follow instructions & plan the work day.
  • Required to keep work area organized, neat and efficiently planned (5S).
  • Requires the ability to be responsive to emergency repairs with quality workmanship and service.
  • Requires the ability to learn fast.
  • Basic Electrical Knowledge
  • PC Literate
  • First Aid

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