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Court summons Lamorde over Alam’s loot

An Abuja Federal High Court has summoned the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission and its Chairman, Ibrahim Lamorde, to appear before it and enter their defence over a suit concerning the sum of N1.4bn and another $1.3m recovered from a former governor of Bayelsa State, Diepreye Alamieyesiegha.

The court presided over by Justice Adeniyi Ademola directed that hearing notices should be served on the EFCC and its Chairman by the plaintiff, one George Uboh, who said he was mandated by the Bayelsa State Government to file the suit and recover the money.

The judge also directed the service of court processes on EFCC and Lamorde, and fixed  April 15 to hear the matter.

In its writ of summons, the plaintiff accused EFCC of failing to remit the funds recovered from Alamieyesiegha‎ and subsequently trading with the funds by way of funds placement/fixed deposits.

He asked the court to declare that the action of the EFCC amounted to an act of corruption and an economic crime contrary to sections 6 and 7 of the EFCC (Establishment) Act, 2004.

Uboh also asked the court to issue an order directing the anti-graft agency to immediately remit the funds with the interest which had accrued on them.

In the same vein, the court was asked to declare that Lamorde, who took part in the investigation and prosecution ‎of Alamieyesiegha‎, ‎should not have allowed the looted funds recovered from the former governor to be traded with.

Interestingly, the Bayelsa State Government had denied authorising the plaintiff to file the suit on its behalf.

But Uboh had insisted that he got the mandate of the state government before approaching the court with the suit.

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