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Conference releases committees list on Thursday

The list of members of the committees proposed by the leadership of the National Conference will be released on Thursday.

This information was contained in the Work Plan Plan released by the management of the conference to the delegates in Abuja on Monday.

Already 20 committees have been proposed and each delegate have been asked to signify three committees they would like to belong.

The Chairman of the conference, Justice Idris Kutigi, stated this while speaking with the delegates at the plenary on Monday.

Kutigi said the management decided to make it three options for the delegates in order to know their areas of interest.

He said if it was difficult for the delegates to get into their first choice, they would find their names in either the second or the third committee of their choice.

The committees listed in the paper are Committee on Devolution of Power,  Committee on Political Restructuring and Firms of Government, Committee on National Security, Committee on Environment, Committee on Politics and Governance, and Committee on Law, Judiciary, Human Rights and Legal Reform, Committee on Social Welfare, Committee on Transportation, Committee on Agriculture,  Committee on Civil Society, Labour and Sports, Committee on Public Service and Committee on Electoral Matters.

Others include committee on Foreign Policy and Diaspora Matters, Committee  on Land Tenure Matters and National Boundary and Committee on Trade and Investment.

The list also consists of Committee on Energy, Committee on Religion, Committee on Public Finance and Revenue Generation and Committee on Immigration.

In the proposed National Conference Procedure Rule,  the Chairman is giving the power to appoint the chairman and secretaries of the committees.

But this was not acceptable to the majority of the delegates, who insisted that each committee must be allowed to elect its chairman and secretary.

The former Secretary to the Government of the Federation and a delegate from the South-West, Chief Olu Falae, was among those who spoke against the chairman appointing the officers for the committees.

However, a former National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, Senator Ahmadu Ali, opposed the move, saying the chairman must pick the officers.

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