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Confab: Delegates adopt 70% majority vote

South and North delegates to the National Conference on Monday closed ranks and agreed on a 70 percent majority vote in taking decisions in the absence of consensus.

The agreement followed the adoption of the recommendation of the 50-member Consensus Group selected by the conference Chairman, Justice Idris Kutigi (retired) last Wednesday.

Delegates from the North and South had disagreed on the modality to reaching decisions in the absence of consensus.

While delegates from the North asked for retention of three-quarter in the National Conference Procedure Rules 2014, those from the South wanted two-third majority in the absence of consensus.

On resumption of the plenary in Abuja, the Vice-Chairman of the conference, Professor Bolaji Akinyemi informed the house of the 70 percent majority vote recommended by the consensus group.

He thereby called for discussions on the recommendation. But there was an overwhelming call for a motion on the recommendation.

Moving the motion for adoption of the recommendation, Sen. Iyorchia Ayu, representing the Former Senators Forum said, “I hereby move the motion for the adoption of the committee of the 50 wise men on 70 per cent voting right.”

Former Akwa Ibom Governor, Obong Victor Attah, seconded the motion.

After calling for a voice voting, the vice-chairman ruled in favour of the motion to adopt 70 per cent majority vote for the conference.

The conference also agreed that the various committees should choose their chairmen and secretaries.

It also called for submission of thematic papers on or before the close of business on Thursday.

Earlier, a minute silence was observed for the dead delegate from Bauchi State, retired Assistant Inspector General of Police, Hamma Misau. The deceased was representing retired police officers at the conference.

The Chairman also rejected suggestion by the National Chairman of the Labour Party, Mr. Dan Nwanyanwu that the submission of Lamido Adamawa, Dr. Muhammadu Mustapha be adopted in the minutes.

Professor A.B.C. Nwosu, representing Anambra state asked for the review of the work plan because according to him, most of the committees raised were outside the mandate given by the President.

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