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Cameron visits Israel, calls for peace

Mr David Cameron has called on the Israeli Knesset (parliament) to reach out for historic peace with Palestinians during his first visit to Israel as British Prime Minister.

Cameron made a strong pro-Israeli speech at a special session of the Knesset plenum, and only briefly addressed the issue of the illegal settlements in the West Bank.

“We back the compromises needed, including the halt to settlement and an end to Palestinian incitement too,” Cameron said.

Cameron also said that he fully supported the US Secretary of State, John Kerry’s efforts to draft an agreement between Israel and the Palestinians toward a two-state solution.

“Think of all the capitals in the Arab world that Israelis could travel to and do business in,” he said, adding, “imagine a peace deal that would leave Israel more secure, not less secure.’’

Focusing on economic relations and Britain’s commitment to Israel’s security, Cameron vowed to the Knesset to always stand up for the rights of Israel to defend its citizens.

“Looking right at the Jordan River, I deeply realise for the first time just how vulnerable this land is; vulnerability that is already seen in missiles from Gaza, and which we saw again this week in a seized ship.

“These engaged me in a new understanding of what it must mean to be Israeli,” he said.

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