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Asaba residents lament impact of power failure

Businessmen and women in Asaba and its environs have lamented the negative impact of the current power failure in the area on their businesses.

They lamented the situation in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria in Asaba on Sunday.

Mrs Stella Obinna, a dealer in drinks, told NAN that she had been experiencing low patronage because she could no longer chill her drinks, pointing out that customers preferred cold drinks.

Obinna said that the cost of running the business had gone higher because she now relied on the use of generator to power her deep freezers that chilled the drinks.

Mr Usman Aliu, a tailor, said that the incessant power failure had affected his business because he needed electricity for operating his sewing machines and ironing.

Aliu also said that he now made use of generators to power his tool so as not to disappoint customers.

The tailor lamented that even when the cost of making the clothes had increased, he could not give extra charges.

“I am now the one bearing the brunt of the prolonged power failure because no customer wants to take it as an excuse for disappointing him or her,” he said.

Aliu said that at times, he resorted to the use of manual sewing machines which slowed down the rate of his production.

Aliu said that it was disappointing to be receiving electricity bills from the Benin Electricity Distribution Company when there was no electricity supplied.

A barber, Mr Ikenna Azubike, said that the situation had affected his business because he now depended entirely on generator to work.

“I hate breaking half way to switch on my generator so as to continue barbing; these days the light trips off as soon as it comes.

“So, there is no need switching off at all,” he said.

Azubike said that because of the situation he now charged N300 instead of N200, but his customers had been complaining over the increase.

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