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‘APC Is In Position To Change Nigeria For Better’



Immediate past governor of Gombe State, Danjuma Goje said yesterday that the All Progressives Congress (APC) is an agent of positive change created to better the lives of Nigerians.

He said that there is no doubt that most Nigerians strongly believe that the APC is in a better position to turn around the fortunes of the country for the better.

The APC, he added, “will stabilize and fix the country”.

Goje, who now represents Gombe Central Senatorial District in the upper chamber, made this known in Abuja while speaking about his defection to APC from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

He said, “You see I don’t personalize politics. I look at issues. In Gombe State today we believe that APC is in a better position to bring about changes that will go a long way to improve the present condition of the people of Gombe State and Nigeria in general. We believe strongly the APC is in a position to change Nigeria for better”.

On the refusal of the Senate leadership to read the letter of notice of defection by some Senators on the floor of the Senate, Goje said the development did not stop them from registering as members of APC in their states during the last nationwide membership registration of the party.

He said, “We have submitted our letter to the Senate leadership. We have argued the issue on the floor of the Senate. We have registered for APC. There are other Senators who have not come to the floor to announce their defection to the party of their choice but they have gone to the public to declare.

“We are not playing to the gallery. We have gone beyond the level to play to the gallery. In the House of Representatives people have defected and nothing happened. The laws have not changed. Given the same Senate, the same laws, people have been defecting. The law has not changed”.

Asked on the possibility of reconciliation with PDP, he said: “It will be inhuman of me and even against my religion to say that I have no heart of reconciliation.

“Even God Almighty who created us forgives when we go against Him and do the right thing. To say that I don’t have the heart of reconciliation will not be right. I am a human being. If God Himself forgives who am I not to forgive”.


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