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Air Seychelles revenue rises by 107%

Air Seychelles, the national carrier of the Republic of Seychelles, has announced that its revenue for the year 2013 rose by 107 per cent to $88.7m, up from $42.8m the previous year.

Also, its net profit closed the year at $3m, representing an increase of 171 per cent over $1.1m reported in 2012.

A statement by the airline on Tuesday explained that passenger number on its international network increased by 100 per cent to 195,857 as against 97,576 in 2012, while traffic on domestic services in 2013 increased by nine per cent to 156,617 passengers.

Its cargo volumes in 2013 rose by 159 per cent to 5,529 tonnes compared to 2,128 tonnes recorded at the end of the preceding year.

The Chairman of the Board of Air Seychelles, Mr. Joel Morgan, who is also the Minister for Home Affairs and Transport, said the 2013 results were a testament to the success of the airline’s turnaround strategy and business plan.

He said, “To record a second successive year of profitability after the immense challenges of the past is an achievement of which we are all very proud.

“Our 2013 figures are a clear indication that we now have the right business model. In just two years, we have rebuilt our national carrier, strengthened our partnership with Etihad Airways, and beyond delivering good results for the airline.

“We have helped to grow Seychelles tourism in the process – one of our core objectives. Today, Air Seychelles is a great symbol of our nation wherever our brightly-coloured aircraft are flown.”

The Chief Executive Officer of Air Seychelles, Mr. Manoj Papa, said, “These results are another step forward in our journey as a commercially successful business and come against a backdrop of impressive development in both our domestic and international operations.

“Our business is now in good shape for the future, which includes growing our operations, launching new routes, taking delivery of new aircraft, expanding airline partnerships, hiring more Seychellois, and bringing more travellers to the Seychelles.

“We have established a solid basis for continued growth which reinforces the future of Air Seychelles and its vital contribution to the Seychelles economy.”

The 2013 passenger traffic growth was aided by Air Seychelles’ acquisition of a second Airbus A330-200 aircraft in March.

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