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781 students get bursary award in Badagry

Seven hundred and eighty one students on Saturday in Badagry, benefited from a bursary awarded by a member of the House of Representative, Mrs Rafeequat Onabamiro.

Onabamiro, who represents Badagry Federal Constituency, said that the N10,000 stipend was a gesture to assist students in their educational pursuits.

“In furtherance of my campaign promise, I have also tried to establish better careers for our youths because it is not good to see able-bodied men and women loitering the streets.’’

She said that beneficiaries of the bursary cut across political divides and were selected from the 20 wards in her constituency.

The lawmaker advised students against misusing the token, stressing that it should be spent “solely for educational purpose’’.

Onabamiro cautioned the youths against vices, regretting that nothing much had changed among many of them “in spite of all the counsel given to them’’.

She particularly regretted that recipients of three buses, which she gave out for commercial use, had misused and damaged the vehicles.

“Also, the youths provided with barbing equipments have had their shops burgled twice, this is not encouraging,’’ she said.

She said, however, that the disturbing development would not stop her from improving the living standards of the people.

The Akran of Badagry, Aholu Menu Toyi 1, who witnessed the disbursement, lauded the efforts of the lawmaker toward a better life for Badagry youths.

“Other lawmakers must emulate Mrs Onabamiro so as to ensure a better future for youths in Badagry because they are the leaders of tomorrow.’’

He said that the only way to discourage youth from crime was to support them to be self-reliant and contribute positively to societal development.

In his remarks, the Chairman of Badagry West Local Council Development Area, Mr Bamgbose Hontonyon, advised the recipients to use the money judiciously.

He advised them against the temptation to spend the money on clothes and social outings.

One of the recipients of the bursary, Miss Tayo Majoyegbe, who spoke to NAN, thanked the lawmaker for the gesture, saying it would help her to pay her school fees.

“I am so excited and lucky to be amongst those chosen,” she said.

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