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2015: Southern Kaduna Youths disagree over Jonathan

There was indication on Sunday that youths from Southern Kaduna in Kaduna State are at each other’s throat over President Goodluck Jonathan’s candidacy in the 2015 presidential election.

While the Concerned Southern Kaduna Realists had vowed to mobilise the people of the zone to vote against the president should he decide to contest, the Southern Kaduna Patriotic Youths Movement said no group in the area had been mandated to speak for the people of the zone.

The Realists led by Dr. John Danfulani had said because of the non-chalant attitude of the president and the Peoples Democratic Party government in the state towards the killings in the southern part of the state, they would mobilise the zone against the president and his party in 2015 general elections.

However, the Southern Kaduna Patriotic Youth Movement on Sunday shot back at the noting that they were on their own as nobody or group from the zone mandated them to speak for the people of the area

Mr. Istifanus Shemang (Chairman) and Mrs. Laraba Shekari(Secretary), respectively, who signed a statement on behalf of the SKPYM in Kaduna on Sunday, argued that the people of the zone would not be so cheaply sold out by any group or individual going too far to give condition for votes for 2015 elections on the grounds that the government had not shown commitments on the attacks in the area.

The statement noted that the recent vituperation by the so-called Concerned Southern Kaduna Realists that the zone would not vote for President Goodluck Jonathan and his party in the state was a mere plot to gain cheap popularity and to say least, “unpatriotic.”

The statement read in part: “The group’s position is an exhibit of gross misrepresentation of the entire people of the zone, who want to deepen the perception of the pubic that the administration of President Goodluck Jonathan and Governor Yero had not done enough for the country and the state.

“We also want to acknowledge the fact that the group is a plot to cause distraction of attention in order to stall the genuine efforts of both government and our political office holders and instigate the entire good people of the zone against each other.

“We therefore condemn the statement and the position of this group who are not only narrow minded but trying to precipitate the agony of the victims in the pursuit of their political agenda.

“We also want to warn that no group or individual must undermine the integrity of the zone and we shall continue to remain resolute and focused.”

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