Sulley Muntari & Menaye Donkor’s Wedding

Sulley Muntari-Menaye Donkor Wedding

I am not sure how this publication will go down but I think it is Christmas and I will be forgiven. It seems Sulley Ali Muntari & Menaye Donkor did not want cameras at their wedding, even if they did, they wanted to control who is taking what pictures.

I have managed to get the below photos of the much anticipated celebrity wedding. I am not informed that Menaye or Sulley does not want their wedding photos on here, so I will take the chance. If it does not go well with them and they or their agents make a contact to request its removal, I will quickly take the photos off.

The marriage ceremony (Engagement) between the Ghanaian International and Inter Milan Football star “Sulley Ali Muntari” and her long term girlfriend “Menaye Donkor” took place at Dzowulu. Sulley Muntari has done what was is expected of every honourable man and I really respect him for that.

Menaye Donkor does not only look happy but the heavens of beauty descended upon her. She looked amazing in her dress. Join in wishing Sulley & Menaye a happy long marriage !

Source: ghanacelebrities

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  1. am very,very happy 4 sully ali muntari’s wedding 2 menaye donkor i wish you happy marriage 2 you

  2. Mr. writer : (her longtime girlfriend) kindly correct the grammatical error. wishing him the best. Produce future stars and celebrities. wassalaam.

  3. hay sulley pple says i look like u…im much happi for ur wedding

  4. Sulley you have really proven a way of a Man and i respect you for that …For fulfilling her Desire of a Long Term relationship

  5. hmmmmmmmmmmm what a weddin.muntari if u really wanted an half caste why didnt u go 2 Ashale Botwe 4 some of the fulani girls instead of marryin manaye.Sorry man shes not a muslim n u know it against ur religion.U used 2 be my favorite but not anymore

  6. so cute, nice couples wow

  7. Vanessa u are a hater,quit hating.. muslims are agreed to married christians on merit…1.sulley making sure their offspring will follow his religion..2 make sure he will not allowed his wife change him to christianity..there is more

  8. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm muntari if menaye is not duin sala try to false her to do if .she loves you and remember is againt your religin.ilke u boy

  9. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm muntari if menaye is not duin sala try to false her to do if she loves you and remember is againt your religin.ilke u boy

  10. Big up’s man,i am proud of you.May Allah bless your marriage.

  11. @ VANESSA,such nonsense,respect your self,to hell with your emotional problems.That is the man’s choice,and who said it is against his religion. READ QURAN 5 vrs 5.i wonder how ugly u look.

  12. @ OSMAN,read QURAN 5 vrs 5. u will have the answer.U can marry a christian.

  13. man i respect your decision, God blessed you

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