Legon Boys Strip Girl Naked

STRIPPED NAKED! Amina Eunice, the alleged thief

A 25-year-old woman called Amina was humiliated by male students of the University of Ghana at the Legon campus when she allegedly stole a laptop computer and unspecified number of mobile phones belonging to students of the Mensah Sarbah Hall.

Sources said in the early hours of Wednesday, March 30, 2011, around 12:45 am, Amina, also known as Eunice, was arrested by the students while trying to bolt with her booty.

She was said to have been handed over to a Legon security man on duty at the hall.

However, the male students of the hall rushed back and snatched Amina from the security man and began to abuse her including stripping her naked and inserting their fingers into her private parts while recording it on video in a very barbaric way.

No amount of pleas from the suspected thief could set her free from the claws of the students who were bent on exacting their pound of flesh from her.

Eventually, they succeeded in stripping her naked after beating her to a pulp and shredding her underpants.

She was heard loudly on the video pleading for forgiveness but her plea fell on deaf ears.

While some of the students tried inserting their fingers into her vagina, others used their phones to record the spectacle.

About two of the students and the security men were captured attempting to protect her but some also held her thighs widely apart as if she was about to undergo female circumcision.

When the Legon Police Commander, Frank Anning, was contacted, he confirmed that Amina was handed over to the police half naked.

He indicated that there had been earlier complaints against the young lady who is said to be a petty trader on the Legon campus, where she sells ladies slippers.

She had been arrested twice by the students in the same act of stealing and handed over to the police.

Amina was arraigned by the Legon police after investigations into the alleged stealing case against her were completed but she jumped bail.

As a result, the Legon Police sought a bench warrant for her arrest.

The police never heard of her again until the unfortunate incident occurred on Wednesday morning.

He noted that the police had since not been able to arrest any of the students. He, however, stressed that his outfit would launch a full-scale investigation into the matter.
Persons found culpable would be arraigned alongside the victim who had been on the police wanted list for sometime now, he said.

The police boss warned the general public against indignant and mob action since the law neither protects offenders nor the offended who take the law into their own hands.

The Crime officer at the station, ASP Emmanuel Basin-Tale, said the police were hunting for the students who molested Amina.

“It is not nice and especially when it involves students who are supposed to know better…so we don’t want it to continue. If we don’t do anything about it ,they are likely to repeat it…so we want to send a signal that it is not the best…it is best to hand over the person to the police…in this case they have also committed an offence. We will definitely get to the bottom of it.”

The authorities at the university say any student found culpable in the molestation of the suspected female thief would be severely dealt with.

The Dean of Students of the University of Ghana, Professor James Adomako, told Citi FM that the university was studying the video recording and would sanction any student who played a role in the molestation of Amina.

“There are regulations for dealing with such situations in cases of indiscipline, assault, harassment and all that so I need to see exactly what the situation is. If something happens on campus involving our students, we will deal with them. If I get to the office and I find that the students are involved in anything nasty, we will deal with them. The law is the law and you cannot take the law into your hands.”

As at the time of filing this report, available information indicated that Amina was receiving treatment at the 37 Military Hospital.

By Rocklyn Antonio

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  1. I wonder if posting the victim’s picture is appropriate. Isn’t it enough that she has been humiliated in the worst manner any woman can be?

    • confirm guys infact u people did a grade job my dear
      u people would have scatter her smelling pussy
      just look at how it was discosting,stinkink infact girls are very derty
      i am

        • David Asante-Akim Achiase.
          Is it because Ghanaians are losing confidence in the Police and the Judiciary as well? Come on let the Rule of Law work.Womanhood has been exposed because of Amina.

          • You are actually very stupid! no offence but seriously you need to rethink you life. To conclude please go back to school

            Stay blessed

        • fuck who? Do u think he is refering to all ladies? Why don’t you check your statement. Just imagine if someone steal your laptop that u having some important things on it, how will u feel? isn’t dat painful?

          • It still doesn’t merit the humiliation,is human life not much more worthy than a laptop… you know the string of health issues she could develop from this? Guilty she was……but two wrongs don’t make a right…..she should have been handed to the police………

          • @obonka~ wether he generializes or not, you are the one that should step back and read his comment again cus where I went to school, “girls” are considered pural. ” some of u girls are derty”

          • if someone steals your laptop and u have important documents on it and it gets stolen yh its painful, i’ve had mine stolen two times. but when u catch the thief who was just about to take your laptop and she is in your grip, do u become a deviant and behave so irresponsibly?, infront of a whole school crowd, no one whose got manners, is resposible and very prinscipled can do what the guys did to the girl and there is no excuse to justify what they did, these are guys who are in the highest instituion, they are supposed to know better, are these the people who will be lawyers,doctors,and policy makers for us in this country? we are in trouble, This is not acceptable they need to be jailed,AGBE

      • Smelling pussy? go home and ask ur mom to allow u smell the hole between her legs, then u can define SMELLING PUSSY… iddiot….

      • Man go back to school. You can’t even spell disgusting, stinking and dirty and here you are running your stupid mouth. The girl did wrong but those students shouldn’t put the law into their own hands. Ignorant idiot, put yourself in her shoes and imagin her as ur mom or sister. Some of you Ghanians take things for granted. If you were a Ghanian in America, you would learn in a big way. You ass hole son of a BITCH. You fucking incontinent pieces of shit.

      • I jux saw da video nd it was rili vewi bad! To that god4saken idiot hu says girls are dirty, i have nufin 2 tel u dan 2 let u noe how stupid u r!
        2 da legon bois, u r all VILLAGERS! RURAL PEOPLE! Thank you!

    • humiliated in the worst manner any woman can be:

      Now, everybody wants justice and something to happen to the men who done this horrible thing…and they should be punished and rot in jail; but, what about the little fifth grader who had his clothes pull off by two eighth grade girls as a third one video taped the whole thing. Then they posted it on you tube, it was later removed, but not after it was up for twenty four hours. In the video, you could hear one girl say, as she removed the boys swimming shorts, that it was like rapping him; as the other girl was pulling his hands away from his privates, so he would be exposed. It was classified as a prank by the police and dismissed. Though he didn’t get the crap beat out of him, like this poor woman did; a great injustice was done. It seems that popular opinion is, if females sexually assault males, it’s a prank; if males sexually assault females, it’s an outrageous crime: both are crimes and should be prosecuted.

  2. I beleive is inappropriate to publish her picture, Journalistic ethic suggest, ” in circumstance depicting the human integrity to humiliation and sexual abuse, opt to be treated in the utmost professional sceptism and vital identity protected”.
    please respect her and take the picture out ASAP.

    • I even to c de video though I don’t support the act by the students. And those who are refering to the students as ‘bararic,black man, savages,’ etc what are they themselves? This stereotyping and branding must stop! I’m a proud blackman, an African with HIGH STANDARD MORALS!

      • The students needed to branded they are rlly gutter shit fucken doing that, what will ppl say abt the Ghanaian University now, that a place of education exhibits such acts, infact it good I am not lawyer or else I will just take up this case and shut down the whole Mensah Sarbah n waste 5 yrs of all the guys involved to serve as an example to others.

  3. if the suspect was arrested by lady-students and handed over to the boys, that is a mark of absolute stupidity. the ladies handed their own to those whom they felt could do as they wanted. shame on the ladies who did so.

  4. What these students displayed is the exact nature of the black man,barbaric,crude and uncivilized,its a shame really that this occurred in a university environment,it calls to question our educational values,do we go to school in Africa to become employable or to acquire skills including polishing ourselves and purging our minds of such acts,I beg una make we shine our eyes well well because what happened to that girl is a humiliation of women including our own sisters and mothers,

    • ony3sorrrme!!!!!! r u 4kn tryin ds all black folks coz a thief got whipped?…..u stupid or u jus ignorant? u fool!…nxt tym do tnk ryt b4 u wryt!!

  5. what happened to journalism ethics in Ghana? don’t you know you don’t have any right whatsoever to publish the picture of victim of this nature?
    let’s put ethics aside. would you have done this if she were your sister? in as much as we want our stories to sell we should sometimes use our heads a little when reporting such issues.

  6. what happened to journalism ethics in Ghana? don’t you know you don’t have any right whatsoever to publish the picture of victim of this nature?
    let’s put ethics aside. would you have done this if she were your sister? in as much as we want our stories to sell we should sometimes use our heads a little when reporting such issues.

  7. What a savagery by those who supposed to know better….University Students!!!! This are the group of savages, but publicly and respectably called the “leaders of tomorrow”. No wonder today we have the likes of Gbagbo and his thugs, so called “ministers” roaming around and perpetrating crimes against humanity. Whites would never do this, but we always pride ourselves of being “morals”, “religious”, “hospitable”…..

  8. Black males, particularly the “Africans” are the most despicable human species to ever walk on this earth…. Just look around us. Who were responsible of the so called short sleeves and long sleeves amputation (the most barbaric mutilation of human body in the history of mankind) in Sierra Lion, Liberia, Rwanda, Dafur, Congo, Uganda, etc… BLACK MALES, THE REBELS, THE AGITATED YOUTH, THE UNIVERSITY STUDENTS!!!!!!


  10. its a sad sad day today..if our sons and brothers have become as low as this even lower than dogs , then theres no future for the Ghanaian. For these cannot be our “tomorrows leaders” such savagery we used to only read of has become so real among us ; im a female legon student, i’ve seen the video and now even a common stroll at night seems like a suicide mission ..our beloved campus is no longer safe.

    • They are not fool my dear.. she really deserve it…when they are stripped this way.i’m sure stealing ,robbery etc will reduce or even stop.
      We always hav petty on them so they take that advantage…

      • Anonymos or wat wat,,, u r jst in d shape of a human but u are totally an animal ! Learn wisdom from ur mama n u ll neva b happy of wat dey did to d gil! Aboa ! Legon guy asaba hall is not civilize @all mmoa mma!

  11. we all agree that what happened was inhuman. Nevertheless, that should not take away the fact that Amina is an alleged criminal. Infact, she was on the police’s wanted listed before this incident occurred. what is therefore wrong with publishing the picture of a wanted criminal and alleged thief? The fact that Amina was sexually molested should not wipe the truth that she is wanted criminal and an alleged thief. Putting up the picture of an alleged thief is by no standard a deviation from any form of ethics. Lets be real and stop this gender bias.

    • I don’t have to guess whether or not you’ve ever lived in a civilized society. You can’t even speak English . . . another ignorant moron!

  12. Please don’t blame the students on what they did..if Eunice did not invade them I don’t think someone will innocently do that to her.. she really deserve it…when they are stripped this way.i’m sure stealing ,robbery etc will reduce or even stop.
    We always hav petty on them so they take that advantage…

    • u beta check ur life style b4 thinkin of killing some 1.she did wrong yes but da boy went 2 far,dont u know ur ntensions may even bacfire?

  13. oh ma God what has the world coming to….this is not her first time of stealing,i mean she had the confidence to go to the Mensah Sarbah Hall to steal laptop and unspecified number of mobile phones….ei this woman get vim oooo.She has to be behind bars.striping her is the most perfect idea but you people shouldn’t have fingered her that’s bad.

    • very true.if it was a male theif he cud have been lynced to death and I wonder the number of pple who will have sympathy on him.bcos its a girl everyone is sympathizing.current research shows that,ladies are taking part in deadly armed robberies nowadays.Any self respecting woman wudnt go stealing in the first place.if you as a lady fail to respect yourself,how do you expect pple to respect you and not disgrace you. what if she had been killed? the only thing wrong was the ”fingering”,dat was jux over the limit,with de strippin 100 TIMES WELLDONE

  14. why on earth would you do such a thing.This is just pathetic and very insulting.What do these boys mean…How dare them.Oh!!!! if GOD was to take account of all the sins they commit would they have been alive by now but look at them taking the law into their hands.Oh! indeed GOD have mercy upon them.I’m pleading that all victims should go before our Lord Almighty and ask for great forgiveness and also to the girl because…………………hmmmmm……..UNIVERSITY OF GHANA……….wow……government you need to take serious actionThis is just not the best.I’m so much dissapointed in our students and boys for this act they indulged in.

  15. @Anonymous
    April 4, 2011 – 10:52 pm Shut the f**k up..Put yourself into the student shoes, Imagine having your final year project on Ur laptop and someone enters your room to steal it.How wld you feel??? She’s a habitual thief even though the student weren’t supposed to strip her naked. the Schools Security cld have done better.Government pay death years to this and Think about solving the water crisis in my Neighborhood.For this girl is jst a greedy Bastard.God have mercy on us all.#bringiton#

  16. i want the student to be arrest so that they will know that as a student you have to do the generous thing than anybody,,,but they do take the law into their hands and use it like how they wanted it,,,so the law to have to get is duty back,,,,who agree with me?????

  17. Its a disgrace to every woman @ the campus, by watching the entire video, i can tell how pervert and honny those guys became right after THEY naked her, and if our well known university becomes the venue of humiliating our mothers in such barbaric manner, we better start selling diploma, masters, phd, doctors, etc, etc at the Ashaimang and Nima market, to those of u who commented on the smelling of her private part, shame on u cause the pervertness in u is the only reason why ur ugly noses sensed the odour of her private part, when u go home, pls ask your mothers to learn u some common manners that even exist in the animals kindom, and if your mothers failed to teach u, then kindly ask them to open their legs for u to smell their private part, CHARITY BEGINS @ EFIE, BLACK WOMEN WENT THROUGH THE SAME HUMILIATION DURING THE COLONIAL ERA, ITS TIME TO SHOW RESPECT TO BLACK WOMEN, OUR PRECIOUS MOTHERS, ONE LOVE 2 ALL.



  20. I saw the video and was absolutely disgusted! I had no idea Ghana housed such savages as to rape a woman of all dignity over a laptop! No wonder your country is cursed!

    • Who has to tell me anything, fucking idiot !What is GDP compared to the rest of the world?? Doesn’t even rate. Are you seriously considering USA to your bullshit, rapist society?? You run around in dusty feet and clueless, because you SUCK BALLS!! And assault petty, female thieves with rape and humiliation.

      • As much as i don’t agree with what the boys did,i think it is wrong to stereotype all Ghanaians as rapists…some of the students did try to protect her,i am utterly disgusted by the video…..It was totally disgusting and demoralizing for a bunch of college students to stoop so low…….how horny are they? It was stupid and a disgrace…………..
        Now as much as i admit the students were wrong with their appalling mob justice,it s not fair of you to compare GDP’s etc. You talk about rape cases,i have lived in the US for a while and i have heard some of the most barbaric rape and torture cases….It is shown everyday on crime tv…….there are serial killers ,i see on tv that i wonder,what drives them to do that,people entering people’s hotel rooms,and raping them and putting them in suitcases and leaving them by the road side,people molesting their own kids….i hear them all the time on the news,so as much as the US is great with crime prevention and the police work around the clock,it is still not perfect……….people kidnap other people’s children and raise them and marry them,such psycopaths are usually not present in my country Ghana…………
        My point is no country is perfect,and i wouldn’t say that everybody in the US is a serial killer or a murderer because these stuff happen there…….so i expect you to be fair and not do the same.
        I do not condone the barbaric acts of the students who molested the lady but remember the article said there were some students who tried to protect her…….Not every Ghanaian student is a sex starved rapist who fingers thieves.
        Thank you.

        • nana, thank u very much for ur speech. i agree with u………… i wish u can be my friend. every country there is a mensah.

  21. what are very sad story from literates. O my! is this how best we can apply the education and wisdom we’ve got? We so need prayers…..

  22. In as much as we all condemn the shameful act of our fellow Ghanaians, we won’t have anyone describe our dear nation, Ghana as cursed! So called “miss USA” am as dissappointed in you as i’m in those UG guys, you both need a some lesson in basic manners!!

    • Unlike your UG men, I have NEVER raped another human being – by finger or otherwise! And I never would. It is the difference btw a civilized society (USA) and savages (Ghana). You can not serve both sides of the fence. So call it for what you are – in favor of the rape of Amina. Fuck you.

  23. i wonder why some ppls r supporting what the student did? it is shameful to mankind and humanity how can u put ur dirty hands on her private part u morons. They dn’t have any sense of humour fuck u student what she did is bad n everyone know dat bt what de guys did is sooooo disgusting.

  24. Oh my ! how horrible!! Those guys should be ashamed of themselves, inserting ur fingers where they don’t know… and disgracing the poor woman, very humiliating , its just goes to show how horny those boys on campus are ………….

  25. In fact,am lost of we know how many robbers are walking in the streets Ghana with pride?.i was also a university student in Ghana before travelling i do not blame these guys..if they had travel outside Ghana, they would have appreciated the value of women…women are treated very special no matter what..can any of the guys swear that he or she has never stolen anything in life before?..this attitude they put across against this girl is due to ignorant and lack of foresight..shallow minded mixed with typical cruelty..allow the law to handle fingering her a lesson? your moms,sisters and girlfriends will never support this genuinely ..wake up Legon University.

    • Ben. @usa. No its wrong 2 say ill things like this about ur country. Who said our country is cursed. Do you have natural minerals like we do. Have you ever dug out gold in your country. Men u can do better than that comment. Well the situation at hand was not handed properly but your comment is bad. I can give u 100 reasons why ghana is blessed.

  26. Maame. At miss usa. Ghana is not cursed. May God have mercy on you too. That the most foolished comment have ever come across from a big fool.

  27. It has been the inaction of those who could have acted; the indifference of those who should have known better; the silence of the voice of justice when it mattered most; that has made it possible for evil to triumph.
    The head of security of the University,the security man who was on duty that faithful and all the authorities should bow down their heads in shame at this particular moment.Students of this great institution always face the problem of theft on daily basis and nothing seem to be done about it,these thieves are caught and handed to the security and in no time they are seen roaming the four corners of the university again.This means JUSTICE is not prevailing hence students taking the law into their own hands to set an example for other thieves. Now that this issue has come to the public domain,I hope the law will take it’s course. Investigations should be done and if Amina is found guilty she should be dealt with as the law demands likewise the group of students who took part in the alleged sexual assault. God bless our home land Ghana

  28. would u have done what they did if it was your sister or a dear one? John 8: 1 – 11 tells exactly the kind of people some Okpo boys are. No one is righteous in this world. Her evil days have come, do you know your?

  29. this guy who call himself anony. is a BIG DOM some peoples dn’t have manners ooooooooo they only open their BIG mouth and say somethings that are stupid i think u have to start learning how to talk cux u have acadamic knowledge bt NOOOOOOO manners from de house HANDICAPPPP

    • Yeah you are right , make god forgive us All and bless us ..Even though what she did is not fare but i feel pity for her ..

      • Yeah You are right .. May God forgive us and bless us All . Even Though what she did was not fare but i feel pity for her …

  30. @Miss USA
    Your country is actually cursed.Your country is next to Hell…stupid fool..I heard you went to the butcher and asked for 10 cents worth of dog meat and he asked you if you wanted it wrapped or if you would eat it on the spot.Don’t thank me for insulting you. It was my pleasure.

  31. Comment well as you watch or hear the news for whatsoever you post is seen by the lord.Lets not also forget that we are in the last days and our lord Jesus will soon appear.There is heaven and hell awaiting mankind.Today is Amina,who shall it be tomorrow?.All these are obvious signs that the second coming of Jesus is closer than before.Amina, this is a God-given chance to make amends of your life.You are healed and restored in JESUS name.Love you dearly.Repent oh Ghana and the people around the globe,for there is no time to waste towards eternity. LOVE U ALL -COBBY-KNUST-ZION

  32. judge not,God is the ruler,lets wait to see the pay back to the thief and the strippers.

    Rasta say so. bless forever

  33. Oh although the girl is a thieve , it does not give them the chance to abuse the girl. am very sad about this act.. Police do your work please…?

  34. For all Have sinned and come short of the Glory Of God….No one stands to be righteous until the justification of the Living God On the Last day…God Forgive me a great Sinner I consider myself the most terribly soul on earth Cos every body see’s me as a Bad person But I have just realised I am better than what I am always accused of… Education they Claim is the Key to success I is the most destructive tool to the Ghanaian student and this is very very appalling To have known this happen @ Legon , A supposed No.1 nation’s University…Omg, this is very Bad…I am so confused If I should still apply at Legon Next year after my senior High school Examination… I am either thinking of Cape Coat University Cos I know KNUST students also have such bad reputation on our dear musician ” MZBEL” so I do not think Our dear Universities can produce any Good product in the near future But I stand on my feet to apologise If any one gets hurt by this But I strongly believe in the saying which goes ” A bad nut spoils the whole soup ” And most of It all I am happy to be an Illuminant Cos No member Of these precious Cult Could be humiliated in this manner trust me.

    His Highness Gabby,,
    A students of Ideal College

  35. The poeple involved in that behaviour need to be fully punished by the law. That is it! Miss USA, don’t include all Ghanaiains in you judgement, worse things than these students actions happens in the USA; so please watch what you type in public domain

  36. wat law r ppl talking abt, if der z law den it hv to start from parliament. i wish i was der lyk i go groove her sm waaaaaaaaaaaa. do they know how sm ppl come by gadgets lyk dat? just last month ma kid sis laptop was stolen in that same skuul. and the annoying thing z dat she z not even a student on the campus ,, thumbs up 4 the guys who did justice to her it is an example to all who want to come try next tym yh

  37. the police cant work wid the law dey rather bend it why wouldnt the students do that yh , cos dey know gh police ,they r always the same no matter the kind of spine dey give them whether single or double? lol

  38. Those who did that to Amina has brought a curse unto themselves. JESUS set a good example by saying anyone without a sin should first cast the stone. Pls, those involved in this should ask GOD for forgiveness, else calamity will befall them.

  39. My laptop had been stolen once and I know what these thieves put us thru. But two wrongs do not make a right. I however call on all of us to stop trading insults at one another. Let us tolerate the diversity in our opinions on this matter.

  40. The skuul of GHANA doing this,oh no u have disgrace the image of the skuul. there no displine at all.u called ur selves future leaders,i wounder the kind of ladies they are going to get marrage to when they are disgracing ladies

  41. Miss USA or whatever you call yourself. it surprises me that after a lengthy sensible speech delivered by my fellow Ghanaian, Nana, you still have the guts to compare Ghana to USA in terms of criminal activities. you talk of civilization as though you were civilized yet the words ‘fuck you’ keep re-occurring in every comment you make. Why don’t you try civilizing yourself before you try to get someone else civilized. YOU ARE NO DIFFERENT FROM THE GUYS WHO DID THAT BARBARIC ACT !!!!

  42. If these idiots were in united state, you will be even sorry than this girl. You will be thrown into jail and be treated as molesters….. How could you be in a higher education and still not learn some common sence? I mean how the hell did you get to that lever? And then you go back home and ask your mom for tuition fees. I swear somethings people like you makes me want to go for law instead of being in the medical field .


  44. Oh!..UG!!! a school the bears the name of our motherland…. this is a disgrace to mother Ghana and all should be ashamed of this.. Now we really have some crazy boys among us who also call themselves future leaders….May the good Lord forgive you all………!!!!! Disgusting !!!!!!!!!!!

  45. I feel ashamed to call my self a guy.All i have to say is that what the legon boys did was not right after i saw the video i felt very sad, if the girl had really stolen the lap top they should have taken it easy with her she is just a girl. i wonder what those boys would do if it was top be their sister who was treated in this disgusting manner.i just feel sad for the girl i wish the best of luck and a speedy recovery from this psychological pain she might be going through.

  46. the boys should not have done that to the girl they should have reported her to the authorities not fingering her.why did you u still the laptop


  47. Do not comment if you have not watched the video. It was extreamly horrible. God please forgive us all. I”m writing this with passion and sympathy. Amina needs spiritula or moral support. NGOs this is your call.

  48. I do hope the University dismisses the perpetuators of sexual assault. This amounts to Gang Rape. It is criminal offence. I hope we have progressed enough as a country to know that this is wrong. A spade is always a spade. Arrogant narcissism cannot continue among our University students particularly our male students. No petty thief deserves to be raped or sexually assaulted.

  49. In fact, the girl needed not to be treated bitterly as that, even if she stole the laptop.there is no denying about the fact that,the boys have humiliated the girl and this has even affected the entire family.This case should be investigated well and the necessary sanction must be meted out to the culprit

  50. No matter how badly Amina behaved. She didnt deserve that kind of treatment. I am sure she would have been better off if she had been raped. Talk of smelling pussy, it means your girlfriend’s personal hygiene is poor. go check her up at the nearest hospital. The pussy could be infected.

  51. u guys who talk dat what dey did is right fuck u all…sume of u are not in the School to learn but to do Nasty things god4give GuYs..

  52. only our good lord no what is happening in the world,and its not logic for this people to necked the girl its very bad infarct it an disgrace in this Ghana,so why do we have police around as are this people also a police men why why why Ghana

  53. Though she stole it,she shouldn’t have been humiliated that way.Only God knows the pains she will go through after discharge from the hospital,However i pray family members should not forsake her

  54. i just watched de video. .o amina am so sori for u. this is never done …all those men wil loose their wives n female children after 7 yrs of marriage….wil work on that

  55. dis yankee DUDE she tink say watin? kwasia like that.. go advice ur former president Bush before u talk of ghana… JAH BLESS GHANA,,IS UR MODA WHO IS CURSED aboaaaaaaaa

  56. It is so unfortunate dat students who seem 2 much abt the law are doin dis. Any body who is found out 2 be a part of dis humiliation shld be severely punished. Shout Out 2 all Joduro students at legon n also the 2012 batch who jst completed, we say 2 u guys RAZZMATAZZ

  57. It is so unfortunate dat students who seem 2 know much abt the law are doin dis. Any body who is found out 2 be a part of dis humiliation shld be severely punished. Shout Out 2 all Joduro students at legon n also the 2012 batch who jst completed, we say 2 u guys RAZZMATAZZ

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  60. All dos who are In support of wat dey did are illitrates n not learned but reared lik animals in d house , imagine amina is ur gf? Does documents worth dan human life , pple jst talk from their stomach n tink not ! Callin urslfs legon student or matured pple !!! I’m soo sorry for amina , but God ll punish all pple who did dat n who eva support ! Why is there judgment? Pls learn ghanaians learn