Omawumi erupts with new single, Stay alive

By Charles Mgbolu

Omawumi’s much anticipated single ‘Stay Alive’ is out and smoking in a classic video that further endorses the Bottom belle crooner as a female artist operating from the solid realms of perfection.

In this single, she pushes a strong message to her fans and indeed everyone that cares to listen on the need to take life easy; this is the theme of the song.

A still shot from the video Stay alive… Omawumi explores the depts of her vocal range

Stay alive is a mid-tempo, slowly modulating song that sees Omawummi further exploring the range of her voice from an extremely low growl to a moderately high pitch.

The video was handled by Godfather Productions and has been released on internet video sharing networks. Like all of Omawumi’s music videos ‘Stay Alive’ is predicted to go viral soon.

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