GHANA: Female Musician Shows Her Sex Organ On Stage

Just when we thought we had finished compiling our wildest celebrity photographs for the year 2011, a new picture that reached our editorial desk during the Christmas break can potentially top our list.

The latest entrant shows the naked hairy vag*na of a very well-known female musician while she was performing on stage at the Accra International Conference Centre during the Christmas season.

The said female musician, whose name we would withhold for now, had mounted the stage dressed to kill, in a very sexy evening wear, with entirely no panties beneath. No panties means no panties, underwear, no slacks, no beads, just her naked hairy vag*na.

During her performance, she positioned herself in such a way that our cameras captured her sex organ which we believe might also have been seen by a good section of the audience, especially those on the front raw.

It was quite sizeable, chubby, dark and hairy but appealing.

The photograph has sparked a fiery debate on whether or not NEWS-ONE should publish it uncensored or slightly blurred. Persons who have seen the picture have so far expressed disappointment that a Ghanaian female musician would have the guts to mount the stage at the Accra International Conference Centre to perform, wearing no panties at all.

This is the second time our cameras have captured a top Ghanaian female celebrity at a public event without her pants on. The first was at a press conference of an all-female concert that was held a few months back and one of the artistes at the conference sat in such a way that exposed her sex organ, that was not in pants in any way.

What is not yet certain is whether the musician deliberately used her naked sex organ as part of her stage craft or she was doing something else back stage which could not give her enough time to put on her panties.

‘News-One’ will drop the full name and details soon in one of its edition as well as the photographs that were snapped from all sides and all angles.

In the meantime, she goes by a single first name. It is not an indigenous Ghanaian name. She is a talented professional musician, composer, choreographer, actress, writer and professional artist. she is blessed with multiple musical and artistic abilities and still developing, managing and increasing her skill set with maximum focus and love for making quality and real music.

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