Brooke Mueller — My Charred, Black Hands Were NOT From a Crack Pipe

Brooke Mueller
My Charred, Black Hands
Are NOT From a Crack Pipe


1208-brooke-mueller-hospital-tmzBrooke Mueller maintains the black soot-like substance covering her hands last night was NOT from drug use … just good old, fashioned spray paint (which she used for painting).

Brooke was out in L.A. Friday night — just hours after being released from the hospital for an alleged drug overdose — sporting some pretty nasty looking hands.

She tells TMZ … it’s not what you think. Brooke says she’s been spray painting a lot for her artwork (see below) and that is why her hands were so dirty in the video.

Mueller says she’s been sober for MONTHS … but nobody seems to believe her.

So to recap … she says her jewelry-making-bender caused her to pass out cold on Friday and her artwork made her hands black.

Who knew art looked so … suspicious?

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Brooke Mueller — My Charred, Black Hands Were NOT From a Crack Pipe

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