NDC Serials Callers On Strike…


soma Georgia Serial callers of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the Western Region are fuming with rage over poor conditions of service.

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Instead of accepting that the entire regional executives managing the affairs of the party have failed in this regard, Mr Yunus rather claimed the regional chairman, Nana Toku, was to blame for all the negative developments rocking the organisation of the party in the region.

“He cares less; it is about his business. He is only interested in securing contracts,” he fumed.

He said the regional chairman has been running the party with only the welfare of his family members and cronies being his prime concern instead of working in the supreme interest of all who support the NDC in the region.

He said it would also be important for the party to support those who intend to pursue higher education.

Mr Yunus said there must also be regular donations from the leadership to keep the serial callers in business to defend the party and government.