Must Read – Why Are You Single?

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Why are you single?

  • best place buy generic viagra canada I haven’t met the right person – One of my gal pals admitted that past dating experiences have shown her what works and what doesn’t when it comes to the opposite s*x.  She is single and willing to wait for that person who is the right fit, as opposed to trying to stick a square peg into a round hole.
  • the cost of cialis and viagra Having things in order – This was the primary reason offered by my guy friend, as he desires to have his career and finances in order before pursuing a serious relationship.
  • online viagra usa there Life is already amazing – I’m a pretty bubbly and upbeat person who genuinely enjoys life.  Consequently, I’m fiercely protective of maintaining this positivity, and anyone who doesn’t share my outlook just wouldn’t work for me.

Why would you turn in your single card?

  • buy generic viagra from mexico Companionship – It is so refreshing to be around someone that just “gets” you and with whom you can spend endless amounts of time without feeling tired.  My friends and I agreed that companionship would be a key feature to giving up the single life.
  • can you buy viagra over the counter in amsterdam Completion of goals – My friends and I are pretty ambitious but we also acknowledge that there are some areas where we could use help.  For example, I have recently undertaken a home renovation project that has been difficult to complete on my own.  Having an SO with handyman skills would be very appreciated.
  • Societal pressures – I can admit that I have considered manufacturing a relationship simply to prevent the onslaught of questions at family gatherings about who I’m dating.  Or, to deflect speculation that I might be a lesbian because I don’t have a man.  Yeah, all of the above can be nerve wracking and I completely understand wanting to fit in or make sense to others.  Thankfully, I haven’t reached my breaking point yet, and I’m willing to wait for the one that is right for me.

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