MP’s “Under School Of Trees” Gaffe… Should English Be The Only Means Of Communication In Parliament?

3 tramadol hcl 50 mg street price Recently, there has been a huge fuss about the faux pas committed by the District Chief Executive (DCE) of Ahafo Ano, Gabriel Barima, who gained notoriety for his infamous ‘Tweaa’ comment and angry response to heckling at a public function.

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I have five siblings. I was trying to adopt two of my sister’s daughters to Belgium. We all know that before you adopt somebody outside the country, there are process that you have to follow. We didn’t do that. When we got to Belgium, we realize that yes, authorities have to deal with us because we have been able to follow the due or make the due diligence for bringing the kids to Belgium…

So the case was in court for more than eight months and according to Belgium law, the moment you hold somebody attached to a crime that you say the person has committed, you have limit of months that you can investigate the case or hold the case up. We went to court; I was given three options…One was for them to return [repatriate] to Ghana…and three was for me to make eight months sentence. And I am proud for because I can’t sit down for them to repatriate the kids to Ghana. I can’t also pay that 12000 Euro into Belgium account. So, I said, yeah, I would do the time for the kids. I went to jail.

“Is it true that it’s not some kids that I have picked from the streets to smuggle them? Or they are really my children?…that when they started saying that I have gone to sold children and that and that…”

Funny, you would say. But seriously, has the Wa East Parliamentary representative given the country an opportunity to reconsider the type of language that should be used during Parliamentary proceedings after slipping several times in the House? Or perhaps, the time has come for Ghanaians to select or vote for only representatives who can fluently speak the Queen’s language, to serve as Members of Parliament? Food for thought!!!