ModernGhana Warns Saboteurs To Stop Their Attacks

1 viagra online fast shipping ModernGhana has finally uncovered the perpetrators of the high tech hijack of our operations online and it appears from all indications that they are on a hit parade to run down the website. Luckily, because of their continuous stupid attacks, it has finally revealed their own cover.

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Ever since ModernGhana have been launched couple of years ago, the site has demonstrated its independency, non-partisan, professionalism, excellent and accurate detail information to all visitors. It’s of this fact that the site has become the most reliable source for information on Ghana to the International community and foreign investors. Many investors have read our business articles, success stories and have collaborated directly with ModernGhana for guidance to their investments into Ghana. These millions of dollars investments have helped cash inflow to Ghana, Jobs and wealth creation for mother Ghana. Besides, ModernGhana have served the international community with all kinds of information on human rights, healthcare and business climate. Again, the site has been a tremendous marketing tool here for Ghana.

There’s no doubt that the Saboteurs themselves may have even directly or indirectly enjoyed the fruits of ModernGhana. As these Saboteurs/criminals are short-sighted, we believe this will wake them up to their senses that this attack is not only on ModernGhana, but a crime against civil society, the Ghanaian democracy and the international community. Whatever motives you may have, the normal process of handling issues in a matured manner is to engage in a dialogue to resolve them rather than committing severe crime. Even if it will take months, you will still be caught, expose and face justice.

No matter how long it may take a tiger to get meat, it’s certain the tiger will never become a vegetarian. Therefore no-matter your criminal acts, we will still continue to do our outmost best to serve the public with the free information they deserve to get and know.