Posted: Friday 9th May 2014 at 17:00 pm

Mahama’s Tape Listen And Judge For Yourself: Which Is Doctored? (AUDIO)

One issue which has become very topical in the country is the alleged doctoring of a recording in which President John Dramani Mahama was heard saying that Kumasi residents do not appreciate anything government does.

The tape which is making rounds in the media, according to government communicators, is not the true reflection of what the President said.

According to them, the original recording had the President saying that: “… the Akans have a saying that, no matter how well the chicken dances, it will never please the hawk. No matter how well the chicken dances, it will never please the hawk. Therefore, we need not be discouraged by that; because for some people, even if we cover all the ground with gold, here in Kumasi, they will not appreciate it”.

In the supposed doctored tape, the President was heard saying that the people of Kumasi would never appreciate any efforts of government even if they cover the roads with gold. has decided to bring you the two recordings for you to listen and judge for yourself.

Click the audio above and below to listen to the two recordings.

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