Liberia: Senate Concerned About Reports of Corruption in Govt

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He said the “equity division” of Liberia’s resources would help address and minimize the issue of corruption in the country.

“We will continue to work and we are not going to be deterred. I don’t again that people say the system is so corrupt that we cannot fixed it from inside. I believe that we can minimize corruption. Eradicating corruption; I cannot see that happening in any country in the world because it is not possible.

Corruption is the basic fundamental of human principles and I think that together, we can be able to address and minimize it,” he stated.

Senator Findley added: “We have come through a lot and I believe that Liberians can overcome this. We need to provide more opportunities for our people. The Senate will be holding public hearings on audits that were done in the past. So, we have begun to flex our muscles a little bit on how we can address most of these issues of corruption.”