Legal Suit Against NPP Dead On Arrival


buy pfizer viagra canada A legal expert [name withheld] has told the New Statesman that the legal suit against the New Patriotic Party filed by David Hoezame, a former party Constituency Chairman in the Central Tongu constituency of the Volta Region, is dead on arrival.

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“It is the case of the Plaintiff that on/or around the 9th of day of June, 2014 the 2nd Defendant (NPP Chairman) and other (NPP) announced 6th December, 2014 as the date for the election of a presidential candidate for the 1 st defendant.

“Plaintiff further avers that the 2nd defendant in concert with other officers of the 1st Defendant has called for a National Council meeting on the 19th of June, 2014 to among others take a decision on the organization of an election to choose the 1st Defendant’s presidential candidate for the 2016 General Elections…

However, “Plaintiff avers that as at date hereof the 1st Defendant has no national Council since there has not been any process in accordance with Article 7(15)(iv) to elect regional representatives to serve on the said National Council of the 1 st Defendant Party…

“Wherefore Plaintiff claims against the 1st and 2nd Defendants Jointly and Severally as follows:

1. “A declaration that announcement of the 6th day for the election of the 1st Defendant’s presidential candidate as Null and Void;

An Order directed at the Defendants to restore the Constitution of 1 st Defendant Party to its original state and to duly and properly set up the National Council in accordance with the provisions of the 1st Defendant’s Constitution.

An Order Restraining the 2nd Defendant from further breach of the 1st Defendant’s Constitution.