Kweku Bonsam Is A Disgrace To Himself And The Nation

2 generic soma 350mg Hardly a week passes without hearing on media platforms the ranting of Kweku Bonsam, the self acclaim spiritual father of the BLACK STARS who uses antics and to deceive the masses.

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On a related note Kweku Bonsam had on few weeks back sought to see the pope at the Vatican City with the aim of reporting Prophet TB Joshua over what is not clear but was met with rejection because of his lunatic appearance and behavior.

According to the witch doctor he had delve into the spirit world and upon consultations with the devil, his father, it has become clear to him that TB Joshua is not a man of God. And for that reason wanted to get the Pope to take action against Prophet T.B. Joshua.”If someone prophesies and it doesn’t come to pass you know he’s not a man of God” he asserted.

Apart from the preposterous mature of his comments he had also failed to point out which prophecies of TB Joshua had failed to materialize.

By all indication these popularity seeking beast of a witch doctor employs the tactics of attacking prominent figures in society to gain cheap publicity, the little said about his Cristiano Ronaldo fables the better because the World today knows he is fake.

Kweku Bonsam’s claims of being the spiritual watch dog of the Black Stars and owning responsibility of the conspiracy to omit Richard Kingson from the Black Stars will not be far from the truth because the Ghana Football Association (GFA) couldn’t debunk these claims by the witch doctor.

After two years of Kingson’s absence from the team the handlers saw the need to invite him when Ghana was draw against Egypt in the crucial world cup qualifier playoff first leg encounter, and the presence of this son of God (Kingson) in the squad made Ghana record an unprecedented 6-1 victory over the all time Africa best team (Egypt).

This brings to mind the story of Sodom and Gomorrah in the Bible when God assigned Angels to destroy the city, Abraham had demanded to know if the presence of one righteous man could avert God’s anger over the city and the angels answered in the affirmative. I’m of the strong conviction the presence of Kingson in the squad would have imparted positively on our World Cup aspiration.

It was wide spread knowledge that the man of God prophet TB Joshua had told Richard Kingson he will lead Ghana to victory in the World Cup and for this reason the so call spiritual head of the team connive with some officials of the team to see to it that this did not materialize because praises and thanks will be offered to God the almighty should it comes to pass.

Strangely, Kweku Bonsam managed to manipulated some officials in GFA to overturn the destiny of the team, Ghana was destined to set record at the World stage but influx of contrary spirits had averted the plans of God, remember the almighty is a jealous God and shares his glory with no one.

At this point I believe discerning minds would be able to deduce that Kweku Bonsam frightens at the mention of Prophet TB Joshua just as his father the Devil terrify at the mention of the name Jesus.

If Bonsam possess some supernatural powers as he claims why don’t him attack TB Joshua spiritually and stop all those nonsensical antics of reporting him to the pope.

Kweke Bonsam is a disgrace to himself, his family and the nation; he should stop the attention-seeking business and repent from his evil ways for the judgment of God almighty is at hand.