Kenya: Party Nominees May be Rejected

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There will also be two nominated members of either gender representing the youth and persons with disabilities respectively.

For the County Assembly, the number of those to be nominated in each county will remain unknown until after the results of the elections are announced and the gender parity of those elected is considered.

The number of nomination slots will be determined on the basis of how many more members are required to ensure that no more than two-thirds of the membership of the assembly are of one gender.

The parties have in the lists they have submitted to IEBC also included the names of individuals who qualify to represent special interests such as women, youth and persons with disabilities. However, the names of those who qualify have not been given priority.

Yesterday, the Institute for Education and Democracy’s Peter Aling’o asked IEBC to reject the party lists if they do not meet constitutional and statutory requirements.

He said the law was clear that nominations to either Parliament or the Senate were supposed to cater for special interest groups. He said the spirit of the law was to obtain proportional representation by drawing traditionally marginalized groups into Parliament or the senate.

“The argument that politicians who lose represent a ‘special interest’ is absurd. The law clear about who these special interest groups are and they are not politicians. The IEBC must ensure that the parties do not export their party nominations mess into the list of those to be nominated!,” Alingo said

He said those who have already been nominated by their parties to contest in the elections had no place in the nomination lists as they had already been given an opportunity to get elected.

“Why list for nomination people you believe will fail? This is aimed at defeating the law and the IEBC must save us from this situation,” Alingo added.

He said the list must not also meet the gender parity rule. “Anything short of that is fraud and IEBC must not allow itself to become part of the fraud. IEBC must reject these lists,” he said.

The IEBC has the powers to reject the parties’ lists of nominees if those nominated do not qualify to be elected to the office for which the nomination is sought.