Posted: Tuesday 2nd July 2013 at 17:02 pm

Kenya: Ex-minister’s son to die for violent robbey

William Tett (left) is led to the High Court for sentencing June 27, 2013. He was found guilty of robbery with violence and sentenced to death.The son of a former assistant minister has been sentenced to death after he was found guilty of robbery with violence.

Nairobi Chief Magistrate Kiarie Waweru ruled that the prosecution had proven beyond reasonable doubt that William David Tett was part and parcel of a gang that violently robbed his foster father William Mulready Tett on September 6 2011 at Karen, Nairobi.

Mr Waweru dismissed the young Tett’s pleas to be handed a non-custodial sentence, ruling that he participated in the robbery on his own volition and the mandatory sentence is death by hanging.

“I have considered that he is a first offender but also the fact that the offence he is charged with carries only one mandatory sentence. I will be imposing an illegal sentence to deviate from what the law says and therefore him to suffer death,” said Mr Waweru.

Tett is the foster son of Mr Mulready and Mrs Betty Tett.

He was charged with violently robbing his father while armed with a revolver and a knife a wallet containing Sh1,000, an ATM card, Visa Card,  Alien Identity Card, two medical cover cards, three supermarket’s smart cards and a mobile phone all valued at Sh157,000.

According to the prosecution’s evidence, the young Tett while in cahoots with others raided his parent’s home and robbed them including two workers.

The court was told that Mr Tett wanted to kill the former Westlands MP and her husband during the robbery.

Corporal Benson Ingosi and Constable Hillary Kyalo Kimuya told the court that they found two bodies at the Tett’s Karen home.

Source: Daily Nation 

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