It Is Sad The Opposition Is Showing No Readiness To Take The Reins of Power – Kabila


James Kwabena Bomfeh, a former National Youth Organizer of the Convention People’s Party (CPP), has likened the infighting within one of Ghana’s largest opposition parties to a boxing scenario where a boxer chooses to throw heavy punches in the opposite direction instead of directing it at his opponent.

In a Facebook post, he stated: “It is sad that we are having a scenario where in the boxing ring, the opponent has opened himself up for punches. Instead for going for the kill at the opponent, the blows are being thrown in the air NOT AT the face of the good for nothing opponent but in the opposite direction where there is no possibility of even mistakenly hitting/flooring the opponent. Aba???”

He just could not come to terms with the reasons why anyone would not to put the government on its toes at a time when everything is virtually falling apart.

“I wonder what is wrong with us sometimes as a people. Here is a government that is showing by the day that it cannot govern; it cannot lead; it cannot fight corruption but will engage in it; it is not ready for a renewal of mandate etc……yet the opposition that should constitute a challenge is sadly showing no readiness to take the reins of power. Why? Why? Why?

“Some parties have adopted the attitude of not wanting confrontation with an erring regime. Others are just somersaulting over each other at the throat.
We have so many issues to take up with this government. It does appear that a particular opposition party would not give us the peace of mind to focus attention and direct our energies at strategies to uproot a non performing regime. Why?” Mr. Bomfeh sought to know.

Though the CPP Parliamentary Candidate for Kintampo in the 2012 general elections did not mention the particular party, many believe his frustration stems from the seemingly unending quarrel in the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP), with the latest being a writ filed by Mr. David Hoezame, challenging the status of the National Council as presently constituted.

Mr. Hoezame, who is a member of the NPP wants the Accra High Court to also place an interim injunction on the Presidential Candidate elections until a final determination on the status of the locus of the National Council is made.

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