Is your marriage sex-starved? Don’t ignore it, set a sex schedule

Is your marriage sex-starved? Don't ignore it, set a sex schedule

viagra video fda generic viagra When was the last time you ‘did the deed’? Can’t remember or don’t want to and definitely don’t want to talk about it? This is for you: six simple steps to get your mojo back!

soma drug schedule Tackle anger issues: If there’s lots of anger and resentment over sex on either side, call a truce.Force yourselves to talk about what’s going on: You can’t shut couples up talking about sex when it’s going great, then when you really need to talk – when problems hit – you’re both quieter than a three-year-old discovering their Mum’s make-up stash. ordering viagra by phone cipla generic viagra Embrace the dreaded ‘C’ word….compromise. The high desire person decides on the least amount of sex per fortnight they’d be happy with. The low desire person decides on the most often they’d be willing to do it. Then you choose the number in the middle of the two. Talk about what you’d like to do in the sex sessions: say what you most like and least like, focusing more on the positives than negatives. Talk about when you did have great sex. What made it work when it worked?

viagra online and pay with paypal viagra jell cap Make dates for sex, don’t just wait for it to happen. Find the whole idea of planning sex deeply off-putting? Do you expect to turn up to the best restaurant in town without making a booking? No. Does it put you off going once you’ve booked because you know it’s going to happen? Quite the opposite. So what’s the problem with planning sex?

buy viagra with american express card fast shipping viagra You sort of wouldn’t mind if you had sex? Don’t just ponder the thought, pounce on it – and do it as soon as you can! Studies show the more time that passes between having an idea and following up on it, the more likely you are to lose motivation. Think of your sex life as a bank account: You need to make regular deposits to keep the balance healthy viagra for sale in mississauga Being the one to suggest sex will make you feel instantly powerful and sexier – especially if your partner is the one usually initiating. But make sure the move isn’t so subtle, they miss it. Have an agreed private code that says ‘Sex today/tonight?’. Put two different magnets on the fridge and place yours high if you’re up for it.

soma generic pill identifier see The longer you’re together, the more ‘efficient’ you’ll be sexually. Sex becomes business-like and brief. You know each other’s triggers and buttons to push and press them accordingly. The easiest way is transform your tired techniques is to buy a sex book packed with practical techniques as a present for the two of you. Say it’s to keep sex fresh, rather than to liven things up. It’s a subtle difference but an important one: one implies curiosity, the other boredom. tramadol Illinois