Instead Of Inspired Leadership We Got A Performance Of A Giggling Teenager – NPP

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You demonstrate your commitment to an industrial revolution by offering to show us your “made in Ghana” shoes. Bravo. But how much more inspiring if you had laid out the incentives your government was providing for example reduction in number of taxes, a commitment to tax actual profit and not projected profit, breaks on raw materials etc. etc. that would give the “local boy” the chance to become a new “Bata”.

Mr President, Ghana is synonymous with gold and cocoa. You moaned about US$1.3 billion being lost by low prices and low production. The news about the levels of layoffs by our two major mines should be causing you sleepless nights. However you sleep so soundly that you made no mention of any interventions to cushion the impact on the thousands who are to lose their jobs, nor any mention of what you are doing to maintain some confidence in the mining sector for the medium to long term.

For cocoa no mention of any decision to reverse your inept, corrupt and politically driven looting that has resulted in the loss of 200,000 tonnes of exports and more and more cocoa farms being uprooted for galamsey. Moaning and giggling will not produce one extra pod of cocoa.

You hail accomplishments in law and order only to have the United Nations produce a damning report on Ghana’s new leadership in narcotics production and distribution. Hardly in accord with your version of the state of the Nation.

Mr President constructive criticism is not limited to applauding and cheer-leading. Your best friend can be the one who tells you the real truth but only if you recognize it and learn from it.

But above all, first stop the giggling. Serious times call for seriousness.