If the evidence is in the pink sheets…

If the evidence is in the pink sheets…

viagra prescription buy We have heard this buzz phrase from the NPP camp: “The evidence is in the pink sheets”; and we have been given an overdose of the message that the pink sheets assembled by the NPP leaders constitute the pith of their petition. And they have written a 200-page book on the pink sheets to launch one day soon.

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Jolted by this report, the petitioners are doing overtime to turn matters around. As we saw Addison do in his cross-examination of Dr. Afari Gyan, the petitioners are seeking every means to reverse the KPMG’s findings. Little success is forthcoming, despite Addison’s meticulous breaking down of figures only to be questioned by one of the justice on his line of questioning or whether the figures he was glibly quoting would make any difference. The KPMG’s report has been accepted, and that is that!

We can tell from the emphasis that the petitioners have laid on their pink sheet evidence that their petition cannot stand without the pink sheets. From the testimony of their crown witness (Dr. Bawumia) to Philip Addison’s cross-examination of Johnson Asiedu Nketiah (NDC General Secretary) and Dr. Kwadwo Afari Gyan (Chairman of the Electoral Commission), every road leads to the edifice of the pink sheets!

Having painstakingly put together the pink sheet exhibits, they must be least prepared for any probing that would expose the flaws in their work: mislabelling, anomalies, miscategorization, duplication, and many others that raised eyebrows.

Notwithstanding the anomalies, they are insisting that they have “water-tight evidence” with which to win the case. They can’t accept the fact that their evidence can’t stand after counsel for the respondents and Dr. Afari Gyan had established that what they considered as “water-tight evidence” on the basis of irregularities and statutory violations are mere transpositional and administrative errors (as explained sufficiently by Dr. Afari Gyan).

They can’t understand why their claim that the absence of the Presiding Officers’ signatures on the pink sheets was a serious violation of statutory regulation. They won’t even bat an eye to consider the Electoral Commissioner’s statement that the absence of such signatures didn’t invalidate the election results. Neither would they accept the explanation that the fact that none of their own polling agents refused to sign the pink sheets or that they didn’t lodge any official complaint about any malpractice anywhere was an indication that the elections were free, fair, and transparent as established by the international and local observers.

The petitioners won’t look beyond their own CD-ROM and hardcopies of the pink sheets, let alone Dr. Bawumia’s analysis of the pink sheets, to see things beyond their noses. They are chafing that the Supreme Court rejected their request to use PowerPoint presentation to lay their case; they are also unhappy that their belated request for collation forms was shot down.

Their claims of over-voting, double registration, manipulation of serial numbers, doubling of code numbers for polling stations, discrimination in the enforcement of the constitutional instrument on biometric verification (captured in the refrain: “No verification no vote”) have all yielded little legal capital for them. So, turning full circle on their heels, they’ve returned to square one; it is nothing but the pink sheets. Yet, the pink sheets are mired in controversy, which casts very serious doubts on their credibility.

Here is where their difficulty lies for them. Various reasons have been given to devalue the “evidence” on the pink sheets that they are adducing to support their arguments. The main point is that the pink sheets don’t take prominence over the ballots cast at the polls. Why would they not base their petition on those ballots and ask for them to be recounted instead of turning to pink sheets that were not directly involved in the voting procedures? Why are they more interested in seeming than being? Believing a shadow (an appearance) in the form of the pink sheets and not reality (the true image) in the form of the ballot papers? Only they can tell.

I shall return…

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