I See Challenges And Obstacles As Climbing Ladder…To Winning Delegates’ Confidence


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Often, I may be challenged by issues that I would not have control over. But it is challenges that make life what it is. It is challenges that make life interesting and rewarding. Without experiencing any challenges, one may become bored, and stagnate.

How one handles challenges and obstacles determine how what rewards one gets there from. In virtually every challenge lies great opportunity to grow. You attract more of whatever you choose to focus on. Knowing this, I choose to focus on the positives in every situation.

When a ‘negative’ event happens, we all have two choices: Focusing on the negatives and continue to allow your happiness to be determined by external events or focusing on the positives and recognize that, very challenge is an opportunity in disguise.

I cannot always control the outcome of events that affects my vision but I can always control and choose my response style and methodology.

As the results of the vetting committee were release, I received very conflicting reports of my disqualification from members of the committee.

Finally, last night I received an official letter through my email indicating that my candidature as an Aspiring National Vice Chairman of the party has been disqualified because of my “inability to exhibit enough knowledge of the party which high office, you are seeking to occupy”.

I have put in an appeal to request for the rescindment of my disqualification and I am resolute that a positive response would be received.

At the vetting committee’s hearing, the panel sort to know my familiarity of members of the National Council of Elders of our party which I answered in the negative. No other questions (s) about my knowledge of the party’s history and/or vision were asked.

It is my humble and considered view that the reason given for my disqualification as stated in the letter is not an offence against our party’s or Ghana’s constitution to warrant a disqualification.

I would continue to focus only on the positives for our party, the N.P.P and believe that what has happened is a great the opportunity for the party and Ghana to discover core competences and value addition I bring onto the political space..

These challenges would build a ladder that will help me to climb out of obscurity and fly out to win the mandate of our delegates to occupy the high of the Vice Chairmanship position of our great party.

One day I will look back and see how far I came, and how ‘little’ those previous challenges would have become.

Challenges and obstacles indicate that our comfort zone is expanding and that is growth and development.