How to Keep a Vow of s*xual Purity

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If you are alone you can play board games, rent movies, create something together, go for a walk, clean your room, play cards, read a book, or play video games. Find something to keep you two busy, or shorten the date. Protect your purity; it is worth it.

Don’t think that all is lost if you cross a boundary. Don’t feel guilty! Just accept it as a red flag to slow things down and learn from the mistake. Maybe it happened because you let your emotions get too aroused or you spent too much time alone. Make the adjustment and avoid crossing the same boundary again. Remember, the ultimate goal here is to stay abstinent, not to have a perfect record of not breaking any rules.

Be encouraged that in spite of what the media portrays, there are many young people who have chosen to make a promise of abstinence and s*xual purity just like you. It is honorable, and I pray that you reach your goal. When you do get married, it will have been well worth the wait for you.