Hail Otumfuo: He has brought creativity to chieftaincy — President


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Chieftaincy disputes
Touching on the negative developments associated with chieftaincy disputes, President Mahama said it was refreshing that the Asantehene had given the problem his utmost attention.

He stated that taking upon himself to settle chieftaincy disputes at his palace, instead of allowing the people involved in the disputes to travel to the law courts, had cut back on cost and ensured peace in Asanteman.

The President said the fact that the 1992 Constitution gave recognition to chieftaincy provided ground to underline the important role the institution occupied in national development.

He said the colonial administration had attempted to cut the powers of chiefs but the reality dawned on all that the relevance of the chieftaincy institution was a matter of importance and that it was not possible to dismantle it.

The wars of today
President Mahama quoted from some of Otumfuo Osei Tutu’s speeches at various fora and said the king was so much attached to fighting today’s wars against poverty, ignorance and diseases.

The event, which was witnessed by a number of dignitaries, as well as people from all parts of the country, was held in style, with tradition being at its best.

Otumfuo Osei Tutu arrived at the stadium about 12.55 p.m. riding in a palanquin.

The stadium rose to its feet to greet the king.
Dressed in a rich Kente cloth and adorned in pure gold ornaments, the king danced majestically to throbbing fontomfrom and atumpan drums.

Some of the notable stool regalia on display included the ‘Dwete Kuduo’, a silver bowl in which the Asantehene keeps gold dust. 

The mmenson (horn) blowers were also in full attendance. 

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