GSS Launches Integrated Business Establishment Survey


By Azia Calderhead & Melvin Tarlue

By Azia Calderhead & Melvin Tarlue generic viagra canada customs

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According to Nyarko, the IBES will be conducted in two phases.

Under the first phase, which was the primary focus of the ceremony, all business establishments would be registered.

These non-household establishments include all units of production that can be traced to a fixed physical location; stores, shops, whether in a complete structure or not, houses of worship, public sector institutions, agricultural institutions, schools, health facilities, businesses with signage, and stalls in any given market place that operate permanently (5-6 days a week).

‘The objective of the first phase of IBES is to obtain critical data on business establishments as a basis for effective policy-making and implementation for government and sound analyses and decision-making for businesses,’ Nyarko said.

Information gathering for the first phase of the IBES will take place in September.

The ceremony also saw the inauguration of the three IBES Committees.

The national inter-institutional committees include the National Steering Committee (NSC), the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) and the Project Implementation Team (PIT).

The second phase of the IBES, which focuses on collecting more detailed information on a sample of the identified establishments, will commence in January 2015.

By Azia Calderhead & Melvin Tarlue

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