Gosh, These Girls!


cheap name brand viagra How do the banks recruit their female staff? I wonder! Could it be that they ask female applicants to attach their photographs to their applications?

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I don’t think I’ll be far from speaking the truth if I say, most female bank staff of today are stunning; fearfully and wonderfully made. Those that are either short or tall and fat are short, tall and fat with style.Those that are fair are fair with elegance.Same goes for the dark-complexioned. And the kinds of hairstyles they do! It’s as if they have one hair-stylist. If it’s weave-on they are wearing, they are up-to-the-minute.

If it’s braids, with a touch of class. And the heels some of them wear at the banking hall. Ei! How they manage to hold themselves in balance on those pencils make me think they have a great deal of balancing skills.Their nails are well manicured too. If you ask me to rate them one out of ten, I would confidently give these female staff eight out of ten. And they smiled as if their retention of employment depended on that. I really was impressed.

But if the banks are employing only beautiful females, what becomes of those with the potential of bringing profits to the bank in many ways, but who may not be as eye-catching as would have been preferred? No wonder some of us never got jobs with the banks. Lord have mercy!