Posted: Monday 2nd June 2014 at 14:00 pm

FREAK ACCIDENT: Naked Man Run Over While Pretending To Be A Dog

An unidentified man was hit by a car in a bizarre accident in Czech Republic.

The man who was was pretending to be a dog was hit and ran over by a car

According to eyewitnesses, the man ran out of the woods wearing nothing but socks. He was behaving like a dog – the weirdo was chaotically moving on his hands and knees trying to bite the car tyres.

“He even lifted his leg to wee on one car as it pulled to a stop, and barked at the owner when he got out of the car to complain,” one of the bystanders said.

Moreover, he was roaring, barking while trying to urinate on passing automobiles. As the incident took place late at night pretty soon he was ran over by a driver who did not expect to see someone in the heavy night time traffic.

As police arrived on the scene of the accident the dog-man was lying conscious and did not say a word since then. He was rushed to a local hospital for treatment and mental state examination. 

Now he is in an artificial coma and police ask to provide any information if anyone recognized the man.

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