Posted: Saturday 12th January 2013 at 12:54 pm

Frankie Sandford reveals Stateside tears as she poses in new The Saturdays shoot

Kimberley Dadds

12:52 GMT, 12 January 2013


12:54 GMT, 12 January 2013

From an outsiders perspective her life appears to be what dreams are made of thanks to her jet set lifestyle and the fact she’s spent months escaping to America.

But The Saturdays’ Frankie Sandford has now revealed she actually burst into tears when she first relocated temporarily to Los Angeles.

The singer has posed for a new ‘tears, tantrums and meltdowns’ photo shoot for We Love Pop magazine along with her stunning bandmates.

Tears and tantrums: Frankie Sandford poses for a new glamorous photo shoot with her bandmates as they take part in the fun scenes for We Love Pop magazine

Posing with mascara running down her face, Frankie shows off her slender physique in a vibrant red frock as she sits on a chair holding a phone.

And while the image was shot for a make believe scenario in the glamorous scenes, it seems she was channelling how she felt for some of the time while Stateside.

The pop star, who turns 24 on Monday, has revealed she struggled when the girls first arrived in the sunny city because she found it difficult getting used to her surroundings.

Fun shoot: Frankie opens up in the magazine about mourning for her grandfather and bursting into tears when she arrived in Los Angeles

She tells this month’s We Love Pop magazine: ‘When we first arrived in L.A. I was so excited to be there, but when I walked into my apartment there it really hit home where I was and I just started crying! I must have looked like such a little brat. But it just seemed so empty.’

And it wasn’t the only upset for the star, who also had to mourn the loss of her beloved grandfather while away from her family – and also while being filmed for the girls’ US show.

She added: ‘My grandpa passed away while I was out there, which was really difficult to deal with in front of the cameras. I was having to try and act as normal.

Bold: Una Healy also appears in a bright frock as she poses with her hair in rollers for the magazine

Sitting pretty: Vanessa White jokingly poses in a tantrum for the fun images as the group open up about trying to break America

‘For some scenes, I just had to pretend that it hadn’t even happened. But the show is real life, so obviously it did get addressed.

Cover stars: The girls appear in this month’s We Love Pop

‘I just couldn’t wait to get home. My family all said, ‘Don’t come back, Grandad wouldn’t have minded,’ but there was no way I couldn’t see them. When I was in S Club Juniors I missed my favourite teacher’s funeral and I still regret it.’

Although she’s not the only star to open up in the new shoot and interview.

The usually immaculate Mollie King also poses with pink lipstick smeared over her face to keep in with the theme of the shoot.

Wearing an aqua bodycon dress, Mollie still manages to look gorgeous for the photos, but opened up to the publication to reveal her bandmates are always trying to set her up with men.

She said: ‘The girls were trying to set me up all the time, but I didn’t find Mr Right. Not even any snogs! But it was funny as the girls always try to set me up with people they fancy.

‘They’re like ‘He’s SO hot’ and I’ll be like, ‘Yeah, but he’s so not my type!’ Just because they can’t date him, they want me to!

‘They’re determined to set me up with somebody, but I’m happy being single.’

She joins Una Healy who carries a lolly and cocktail glass while still having her hair in rollers, while Rochelle Wiseman and Vanessa White also pose in jokey images for the shoot.

Out and about: The girls are currently back in Los Angeles, seen here after a meeting on Friday night in their finest get-ups

The girls are currently back in America and have been spotted on various day and nights out in Los Angeles this week.

Always ensuring they look their best as they continue to try and break the lucrative American market, Mollie and Frankie were seen leaving a meeting on Friday evening dressed in their finest.

While King wore a fluorescent frock, Sandford stepped out in black and white striped trousers and an oversized leather bag.

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