Ford Kamel’s Family Sets Record Straight

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Again, the family members are well aware of the provisions of the Intestate Succession Law, PNDCL 111, and know that the era of family members taking over properties of deceased persons are a thing of the past. Yet again, the presumption is that the interest of

the children is best served by their mother and eldest daughter who were named as those to whom the Letters of Administration will be awarded. However, it is worth noting that as per the law, there are other interested parties in the estate of Kamel, least of which is

the family who are well within their right as per PNDCL 111 and the High Court Civil Procedure rules to be part of those applying for Letters of Administration. Indeed, several individuals have approached the family and informed them of debts owed them by the

late Kamel. That is why the family felt it was necessary to have the “oyaayie,” who customarily was entrusted with the organization and administration of the funeral as the family representative, to have joined the applicants for the application of the Letters of Administration to ensure that such parties who had reported to the family, could be taken care of from the estate of the deceased.

Furthermore, we wish to state that your newspaper articles do not reflect the true state of affairs concerning the relationship between the family and the widow. As is traditionally the case for most ethnic groups (clans) and families, after the burial of a deceased, the family holds meetings to account for expenses made, donations received,

nomination of family members to serve in the role of the deceased for each surviving child and spouse, and nominating a family member as customary successor for the application of Letters of Administration, among others. Indeed, since the late Kamel was buried more than 12 months ago, the Badomia clan and Afunume Attah family have

invited the widow several times to attend such meetings held for the above-mentioned purposes to no avail. To date, the widow has failed to honor any such requests made by the family.

The effect of the widow’s refusal to attend any meetings held by the family is that for over twelve months since Kamel was buried – as is the practice for most ethnic groups and families – she has held the family and clan in utter contempt and has not been able to account to the family for donations made by sympathizers, in spite of the family being ready to account for monies they received immediately after the funeral was held. Indeed, contrary to arrangements and understandings by all during the planning of the funeral that donations be collected by nominated family members, the widow made contrary arrangements with other persons to have donations given by sympathizers collected.

We wish to conclude by stating the family and the clan, knowing their duty and respectful of the deceased, did not renege on their responsibility when the unfortunate demise of Kamel occurred.

They, together with the humble citizens of Guaman, worked assiduously with the government and all interested parties to give their son a befitting burial.

Thus, even though freedom of speech and the media is an integral part of our democracy, the media (your newspaper) is not at liberty to damage the reputation and image of individuals. We hereby state without mincing words that the Afunume Attah family has not by any direct or

indirect action or pronouncement, coveted the property of the late Kamel. Indeed, these are responsible and self-made individuals who have never stooped low as to deprive either the widow or children of their rightful properties and inheritance. They rather stood for procedures and processes to be followed. We hope that this will serve to clear the air, and that you will publish this communication in full in your paper and your website so that your readers can be better informed on the issues you published. We also wish to serve notice that such publications that hurt the reputations of self-respecting individuals of the Afunume Attah family will not be condoned without taking necessary steps to protect our dignity.

Thank you for giving us the chance to express our views on the issue in question.

Ernest Siaw Asare
On behalf of the family of the Late Henry Ford Kamel


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