EOCO Contempt Dismissed


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Tussle Over Application
Eric Atieku, Counsel for EOCO, had at the last adjourned date prayed the court to dismiss the application before it, describing it as a move intended to prevent EOCO from performing its constitutionally mandated duties.

In his view, Vincent Aikins, counsel for the applicant, had failed to provide any evidence before the court to indicate that EOCO had set aside any court order.

He argued that the action of EOCO could not amount to contempt, adding that the court must dismiss the contempt application.

Mr. Aikins, counsel for the applicant, prayed the court not to allow EOCO go unpunished.

While describing the action of EOCO as one carried out in ‘Rambo-style,’ he said it had become a practice in the country for officialdom to flout the laws with impunity and scorn and yet go unpunished.

‘The court should take cognisance of the fact that nobody is above the lawit has become the style of officialdom to flout the law with impunity.’

Justice Ajet-Nasam, noting that both counsels had made ‘compelling arguments’ after the ‘legal scuffle,’ set yesterday, June 4 for ruling thus, the  dismissal of the application.

According to Justice Ajet-Nasam, as at the time of the action, there was no existing court order in place to violate, for which EOCO should be cited for contempt, and accordingly dismissed the application.

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By Jeffrey De-Graft Johnson

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