Posted: Saturday 22nd February 2014 at 16:01 pm

Efya – Best In Me (Official Music Video)

The official music video for Efya’s award-winning single “Best In Me” Like and leave comments below and subscribe to our channel…



  1. Love this video good job Efya my feature wedding song

  2. oh i love this song

  3. nice song

  4. she’s de best in town now with so much great talent 

  5. Efya, baby keep it up, i really admire you

  6. Nice song with lovely vide. E-F-Y-A u are the best in me

  7. Efya uu tooo much much love muaahhhhhh♥

  8. my best song

  9. the best afropolitan song by far, efya is simply phenomenal. lol

  10. hmmm dis song!! wow!!! 

  11. really nice song…..all the best EfYa……….

  12. Dedicate dis beautiful song to my Babe Esi Amissah….I love u Babe!!!

  13. hmmmmm nice song 

  14. This is awesome. Love it

  15. I love this song

  16. U guys should get married

  17. beautiful! efya and sark should date!

  18. They are already dating

  19. They are already dating

  20. Efya u are special

  21. I love love love this song……….

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